Holaaaaa ✊🏻 in the making of greatness #artlife

abstract artist

Holaaaaa ✊🏻 in the making of greatness #artlife

Lil time lapse of today’s painting session on the balcony… if i average 3-4 paintings a week, ill come out with a new edition bi-weekly… always pumping out new original & printed pieces so that my brand is constantly being refreshed… and i need to make money, honey. #artmoney in miami style. I seriously have to start funding the goals… i cant go back to corporate 😖 the art life is going to have to proceed 24/7. Ive been painting since i was 5 years old.. this isn’t something new; this is time for me to put myself first

Artist dream
Safe housing
Easy accessible

Im too fuckn tired every night, i need to live easier. And yes money helps + so does opportunity and passion driven individuals.. like im ready! Im excited! I wanna paint all damn day.. creating.. uploading, posting, designing, inspiring

I live in my own damn world && it’s what you make of it, i will la la la la land until the art money pours in. 2 weeks to turn a dollar into a dream.. like tupac says ‘making a dolla out of 15 cents’

#payattention all the time — you never know whose watching. And u cant rely on anyone to do it for you. You make it happen #dreaming#heavensent

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