Let that sink in 💜

life of missydi


I cant expect anyone to understand but my relationship with God has been the only thing that has kept me moving in sync my entire life.

But you know— maybe people may understand because they could the same type of relationship. Facts ♥️

I put God first. He Takes care of me and my family. You have to remember that whatever you’re facing, other people are going through the same shit. In different forms or levels

I’ve watched so many horrific things the last few years during my country hopping. But if I wasn’t exposed to these types of things and people, I would have no idea that this was even happening in our world because were so consumed by distraction. Celebrity, brand, bullshit, 🤮

A dear friend came over and packed my apartment, for Christmas weekend,

I was giving her wise lessons (as she says). When in all actuality, I was giving her my life experiences. Positive thinking ♥️💙

God bless her for being my heaven sent angel to help me lift into next chapter

It’s ok to ask for help

Let that sink in 💜


Thnk u Liv 💜