Kandi – Colorful Bracelets


What are these colorful bracelets?

Otherwise known as rave bracelets or friendship bracelets. These creations are customized jewelry to wear or give away at a music venue.

I enjoy sorting my colorful beads before creating a bracelet.
Kandi Bracelets

Is there a meaning behind each one?

+ If you want a meaning, add words or phrases to the bracelet to give more sentimental meaning to your creation.
+ Use different beads such as objects, crazy colors etc!
Kandi Bracelets

I trade my friendship bracelets with other ravers and keep all my pieces together at my place.
Friendship Bracelets

Make Your Own Kandi

Wear your kandi on your arms, around your neck and so on. Be creative and use your favorite colors, or write names of the musicians playing at that show.
Friendship Bracelets

Kandi Bracelets
Kandi Bracelets

In other words, if you see me at a show, let;s trade bracelets!


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