CCS Detroit Graduate Program


Looking for Graduate Programs Isn’t Easy, But Maybe I Can Give Some Tips!

After endless hours of researching graduate programs, my heart came to the conclusion; my passion remains in Detroit. I love this city. I did a bit of background on College For Creative Studies in Detroit, a private art institute with the finest creatives!

I feed off the energy of downtown Detroit during my internship experiences every summer from ad agencies to music festivals, Movement or Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Detroit is a supportive art & music community, the birthplace of Techno music!!

I explored different art galleries in the community because I hope to continue building inspiration from other likeminded artists and graphic designers. My eyes grew wide every door I walked inside on Cass Avenue. My favorite was the Detroit Artists Market, which showcased work of student artists.. I asked questions about the current showcases, how to be involved and stay connected. The community members were curious on my artistic ability and exchanged business cards to stay in contact.

I have short and long term goals to build a reputable brand for my artistic pieces in a few galleries during my graduate studies. I’m ready, College For Creative Studies!

Melissa DiVietri Graduate

CCS Detroit offers a graduate program that will challenge my expertise to develop a solution for industry leaders. I was thinking about majoring in the Interaction Design program which has a huge spectrum of qualifications for design, web, social, product and many more!

Color concept, visual placement and typography are three tactics to reach audience within a few moments. As I create designs pieces, I think about how to integrate the message that will relate to a broad spectrum of demographics. I consider myself an experience creator, designing visuals that will compliment the perfect sound to make something magical.

I set the bar high for my expectations because I cannot settle for good, when I strive for continuous success for my future and career. Sometimes I take my career too seriously but others know me as the person with a whatever persona, I go with the flow. I’m open-minded, easy going and have a lot of ambition carrying my life.

I made a checklist of the list of items needed to apply for the program. I cannot wait for the opportunity to continue higher education. I will keep my readers posted during my fellowship and scholarship application process.

The key to success is something that cannot be given to you! You make the difference, pave the way and call the shots. Just make sure you’re making the right ones for you.

+ Apply for scholarships
+ Update your resume
+ Create a video highlighting your strengths
+ Make a list of goals to accomplish

One day at a time!