I’ve decided that I’m flowing now

Life of of missydi

I’ve decided that i’m flowing now… Two hours of sleep, here, 30 minutes of meditation, there && sometimes ill enjoy a tortilla or two… if I remember. If you look at my call log, i miss dozens of calls every hour because im already on the phone doing the tweak .. im feeling it, this is how it goes when you start to sacrifice mindset; sleep and empower people… to build empires and leave legacies of meaning!! Of purpose for the right reasons; and the people who have the strongest work ethic to earn it.

My days are the most difficult; set aside boss mode; but think mobility && how i look physically to people?? Let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room.

for one, these folks don’t realize that they are robbing my energy.. robin hood robbing.. swoop, and expect me to be cool and smooth the egos. Im like no, good luck.. why people try to fight and be angry? Im happy to be alive; and on a good one considering the factor of not walking; a$$holes. I get excited to wake up & then my wings get clipped for no d@mn reason— im barely moving; i fell in the rain and twisted my wrist yesterday ; what can i do? I dont have time x resources x health insurance x hope, at this point; to attempt to sit back in a corrupt health system. Im trucking to a national bank this evening, right on the dot before they close because im terribly busy moving at jet speed…, no ramp of course; yet im still moving, making way up stairs when a dipshit starts screaming to give him money in mid swing of trying to walk on a twisted wrist; with crutches; in the rain; up the stairs… i lost my shit so bad lmao 🤣 i was like broooooooooooo i dont even have legs to get up these stairs; whats wrong witchu! … and im raised to think, ‘oh be cool, they going thru something’.. the heaven sent, moral compass in me. My lanta! No, there’s no bueno.. no way; im going to struggle so terribly while doing a work hustle errand; like everybody else in the world going thru motions.. but i have to be cool when im publicly embarrassed and treated like shit? Ha! I have no excuse. Just wait, when my light comes & he’s there; it will be a very quick KO if someone even blinks at me crazy 😱