Happy Friday

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Happy Friday ! To all of those who are on your grind today — get it in, get it done and get ready for the weekend. Although, I know you probably wont be taking the weekend off – I’m sure you will see me online making moves. So let;s do it together – send me a note when you get in the zone this weekend @missydi

As always — I’m running a million directions but especially on Fridays. Setting up conference calls, finishing reporting for the week and determining how much ROI was made on social media. I really love my clients — freelance is exactly what I like to do. I like to make my own schedule and work on a bunch of things at once. I’m a strategist, creative, multi-tasker — just absolutely crushing it.

How was your Friday?

All morning, I was on the phone – back to back to back.. working on strategy calls, discussing social media profits and making my to do list for the weekend. I love what I do because I am my boss who is the industry expert for social media marketing. I love working with businesses on developing a marketing plan and how to tackle each program area.

New Opportunities

I met with a few colleagues this afternoon to discuss a partnership in social media and search engine optimization. I came out to Troy, MI to their agency to discuss a partnership to work collaboratively on producing quality work with each other. We have been industry friends for a while so it just made sense to talk about it.

I’m very excited for this opportunity – my life can literally only go up from here. I was having the worst time working in a toxic environment with a company that didn’t appreciate me. It only makes sense to finally have something that I can pick & choose — not have to be in the office from 8am to 5pm and still have time to work on my own brand. It is absolutely perfect timing.

After my meeting today, I explored.. I had too.. I didn’t want to start on a new project — I wanted to be inspired by something new — a rush of excitement. I walked around Detroit – hopped on the people mover — road around it a few times.. and took a trip to the DIA to work out of the cafe. So here we are.. waiting until a new art show opens tonight at Playground Detroit – light installation, very exciting.. Until next time — xox MissyDi

Detroit Mi

Detroit Mi

Detroit Mi

Melissa DiVietri