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Graphic Media Management

I host a new position in my higher education career as supervisor for our printing & media lab facility. I schedule, manage and train 3 to 4 employees and delegate college-based projects from clients within the department. We run this facility like an actual printing management studio. Job tasks are received from graphic design and visual communications students. I train the current student employees how to effectively use the software to gain the most advantage from this laboratory. I really enjoy managing people because I can motivate students to develop skills on their own with research & guidance.

My recent position as digital media supervisor for the Graphic Media Management within the College of Business at Ferris State University facility will benefit my future career goals within printing technology and interactive media. I am seeking opportunities to design & development brand awareness using direct-marketing, variable data and media outets.  – Melissa

Graphic Media Management

Supervisor – GMAN Print Lab


My job responsibilities as the supervisor extend beyond the printing facility. I am creating a legacy for the underclassman to follow when I graduate this May 2014. I have effectively organized strategies to implement into our lab to decrease spoilage and increase customer return rates. Our highest return rates are happy students in graphic design. Our facility is convenient to use because our location is in the same building.

Graphic Media Management

Printing services include business cards, brochures, customized postcards, booklets with saddle stitch or spiral binding. I am very tech savvy with adding customized web site pages & QR codes to measure customer action. As always, I could talk for hours on the amount of production that can be created with design & print — please ask me! I can brand your business or services in less than 7-10 turnaround.

Website services are developing a backend for users to one-click shopping for their department. The website will be used for online printing. The job comes into the cue, our students preflight the project and send to print. An invoice is automated to the customer. I am building new interface in the Graphic Media Management website to use for prospective students. During an ambassador tour at the Jackson Area Career Center, I will have the students implement their information into the fields on the website. When returning to Ferris State, I will pull this database and create customized postcards for each student using variable data printing.

Variable Data Printing

The One-step Variable Data Printing will improve customer communications. By implementing data with customized electronic forms, VDP creates the solution for effective marketing. this process includes letters, postcards, business cards and direct mail flyers. Future of printing uses this comprehensive solution to communicate one-to-one marketing. VDP works with on-demand website serves by to exporting the data feeding from our program website and implement the information into customized field boxes the Adobe Acrobat extension FusionPro. “I want our users to focus on the information they require and need, not the system – for simplicity, I felt that the system should be virtual to the user and should be accessible where our users ‘live’ – the Internet,” said Sandy Sigal, president and chief executive officer for NewMark Merrill Companies. This execution will create a cross media promotion by adapting to the specifications within the VDP software and website dashboard.

Graphic Media Management


Digital Printing

Running the BizHub C7000 in the Graphic Media Management print laboratory of Ferris State University. My digital workflow lecture in the Bachelors program, requested a presentation on Variable Data Printing & Web Development capabilities in the workflow. Our group researched how-to use unfamiliar software to create a production process on submitting VDP files to website for printing.

What is this?

This is a view of the backend working on two different screens for highest optimization. I am writing code to make implements in Marcom Central. Unfortunately, my restrictions were the template for the website. I could hardly adjust any modifications using our dashboard.



Benefits of using VDP are increased response rates and return on investment. Business owners can track the response rates from customers using QR Codes, custom web perLs that forward customers to a personalized web site. Variable data printing allows adjustments to your direct mail marketing campaign to become more customized and personalized. VDP grabs the attention of direct mail pieces that appeal to the target market. Business owners can increase return on investment with mailing list data. Create copy that appeals to the marketing demographic. The custom copy and information will grab people’s attention. This classroom has effectively demonstrated the benefits of variable data with web development. This is the next step in direct marketing with your audience for future communications. Direct marketing is more effective with a customized message by altering the variety, different designs, images and text. Experiment by appealing to a market that is outside your target range and build a strategy to use variable data and website development.

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