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graphic media management

Graphic Media Management

In the digital workflow lecture for Graphic Media Management at Ferris State University, our students gained knowledge in web development which is essential for a digital workflow.

Don’t be afraid to research and try different tactics

The Mac Lab in the Business Building is a resource for Graphic Media Management students. Dabble in different softwares to get the hang of how to use something. We use Sierra Client, Adobe products, server based software and other extension programs to build our knowledge in the printing industry.

**The following notes were collaborated from a lecture based on Network Basics

Good understanding of digital workflow, you must understand the networking. Networks are important to our industry.

Network: Collection of computers & digital devices that facilitates communication among users and allow users to share resources.
+ video conference
+ phone through internet
+ sharing screens, softwares & fonts
+ sharing printing presses, scanners & resources

Communication between two or more parties via email, internet, face-to-face or sharing resources.

Types of Networks:
Local Area Network – setup in company or organization that interconnects computers in the office, home, school or lab using networks.

Internet: worldwide collection of network that uses TCP/IP to serve billions of users. (WWW, Email)

Intranet: internal network that can be a private analog of the Internet. Server creates a firewall to lock users out without the password for protection.

Protocols: a set of rules which are used by computers to communicate with each other across a network. The few protocols that we use in the laboratory are atp (apple talk), ftp (file transfer), http, smg and a few others.

+ TCP/IP – transmission control protocol
– breaks down data into chunks, sends until it goes over the internet to TCP/IP and builds again. Works on both the server and the client.
+ Internet Protocol – sends packets across the network with least resistance.

Need to know ‘IP Address’
– IP Number
– Static IP
– Domain Name

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