First Class Status… Por Que!?

colombia melissa divietri

I am missing the feels in Colombia!

I stayed for a month in Medellin, Colombia but it didn’t feel like enough. There is so much to explore; especially around the mountain colombia melissa divietri

I somehow was blessed with First Class on the flight; not really sure how that happened because I didn’t reserve it haha But I will take it! I felt super important

colombia melissa divietricolombia melissa divietricolombia melissa divietri

It was a red eye flight – and quite brutal other than the First Class part.. hahah.. My friends and I threw a huge banger for my going-away party. I was literally so lit from the bar hopping; we went to 4 places — all had live DJs; vinyl and electronic. Lastly, ended the evening in a grimey buildling where I met these really cool Berlin friends who shared the love of Techno. We immediately clicked — went to the front of the front and threw down some dance moves.
colombia melissa divietri

My taxi driver, Mateo – favorite friend in Colombia was literally waiting outside the Techno club — like we gotta go.. We were 30 minutes behind because I was seriously in the best mood ever. I was not ready to go!

Come Back Soon!

I am really looking forward to returning in 2018 — I will stay for 2 months this time around. I need to see Bogota, San Austin, Cartagena and many others! There is so much to do when you travel but it is really important for me to balance my energy. I want to see it all.. but I can’t do it all!
colombia melissa divietri

This Red Eye Flight Tho?

The most beautiful sunrise that I’ve ever witnessed; It turned out to be one of the best flights / experiences and going away parties.

I miss all my friends and family in Medellin – But until then, I will see you around the world!

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xx Mel
colombia melissa divietri