8 Earthquakes in San Salvador


Most frightening experience of my lifetime.. and I’ve had many experiences that rocked my boat. This earthquake was more violent than what I’ve handled in Los Angeles, California and Bali, Indonesia.

melissa divietri san salvador
The entire room was shaking for moments; the lights – paintings, cups, chairs, building. I went into major panic mode – emotionally.. I tried to hold in the tears but I was so scared.

What is not to be nervous?ย I am surrounded by massive volcanoes with smoke, lava and fire coming out them.

I woke up this morning to another earthquake.. at 6AM. It was small but frightening. Like, what do you do if the building collapses? What am I supposed to hide.. what is the process? It’s like a fire or snow drill in Michigan – you’re supposed have to a plan!

There were 6 more earthquakes with reported 100+ aftershocks today. I am on mental breakdown, I’ve packed my things to leave in the morning.

I’m sorry, but I’ve given up

I’m scared to stay here.. I cannot stop shaking – this is not normal.

We’ve had 8 earthquakes and 100+ after shocks in the last 24 hours in San Salvador. I’ve been following on the live feed.