El Tunco got me into El Trouble jajaj

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Why El Tunco

I was really not loving San Salvador, El Salvador. The earthquakes were enough to make me want out asap.

There wasn’t much in El Tunco except for a nice strip of beach that surrounded local businesses. No wifi.. sandy beaches, good parties and local hotties on surfboard.. And I arrived during a holiday in El Salvador – Semana Santa – Holy Week for Passover. Which made it the busiest week at the beach.

My Digital Nomad Set Up

Had the best view at Monkey LALA – wow.. I really love this place. Delicious smoothies, busy foot traffic .. and oh – wait. The beach!

How’s Wifi?

Annoying.. like every other country that I’ve visited; extremely slow and hard to multi-task. I had the best WiFi at my hostel – Makoi Casa Hostal… such a real good vibe there. I was lucky to snag the last room in El Tunco – it was booked solid for holiday. Whew, I got lucky on that one.

The weather was 90 degrees every single day.. I was getting my tan on <3

I was super stressed during the earthquakes.. I counted 20 that I felt but the news reports over 200 after shocks. I was a mess.. anxiety high and it felt like I was having a heart attack. I couldn’t control anything around me. It was time for some R&R.

It's hot today…90 degrees and rising 👌☀️ #workandplay #entrepreneur

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This weather makes me happy.. the sun makes me happy!

Always.. always meet someone who changes my life

Local surfer, absolutely gorgeous.. fit, tan, hard-working.. fits the bill. Jajaj

He would take me to his surfing spot, I’d watch him try to impress me his amazing skills on the waves.. Oi vay. It was a good week with him. He’s wayyyy to shy for me tho. It was a struggle with the language barrier but we made it work 😉 its too about the body and mind.

Isn’t he a stud tho 😉

He worked 12 hour shifts at this popular spot on the strip.. Live music every night.. he knew everyone. It was like hanging with a local celebrity ahah. I even had my own little seating area next to the band, I would post up in the afternoon to drink coffee and return for beer for late night sesh.. But then, we’d get 3AM Pupusas from the street vendors. I was quite the busy little bee 😉

Local bands in #eltunco — good music 🎶 #sansalvador

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All in all.. I think El Tunco was like a little Canggu for me. It was full of beautiful people, hot weather, scooters, party and unique culture. If you can make it out to El Salvador – I would go there!

I could look at this forever ☀️ El Salvador – you did it just right 👌 #eltunco was a real good choice for peace and quiet.. I've needed this time to think and regroup what's important in my life. I've decided that I need to continue putting myself first. Few days away from email would be nice, a digital detox we call it. Social media industry is so incredible tho – fast paced, changing technology and communicating w people around the world from your devices! But I just can't be available under 'urgency' or priority for clients. It is too much thought when I'm really not happy in my life. I've gotta find that way back to happiness ; social media is my bread and butter.. my niche! However I don't have to say YES to everyone ✋🏻 if I can't train you to adapt to this lifestyle then we aren't good fit, u feel me? When I look at photos like these, I'm reminded that I do have clients that are super accepting to the travel game.. they are proud, motivated and excited for me. If I could only explain that #elsalvador runs on 1mph.. #salvadorian time– where everything is super slow and chill. I love that right now 🙏🏻 the city had me going 120mph – now it's time to slow it down… take in the beauty around me.. be grateful for having a successful business and remain proud for working remotely which is what I want in life. Continue reaching out to #international feels and living it up. #entrepreneur #travel

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