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What is Eastern Market Detroit
Attended Sat. June 6, 2015 at Noon — Blogged – Sun, Jun 7 at midnight ish

My NEW favorite weekend gig to attend in Detroit. I can fill up our entire fridge with fruits, veggies, salad items and much more — for less than $20! You eally cant beat that price to have fresh, local food every single week.

Eastern Market #Detroit

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PLUS — I meet other vendors, businesses in the community that are impactful to the city. I really enjoy networking with each of these individuals because you learn so much of the back story — how the economy flipped and what they have been doing OR are currently doing to market themselves.

I am going to start posting up a corner of my artwork, offer body painting — become the official body painting person of Eastern Market. So kids, and families will look for me every weekend.. I’ll sell some artwork, make extra cash from painting.. and hustle out of my book bag FULL of artsupplies, canvas and my promo materials. >Literally the definition of a hustler in the city of Detroit doing everything on my own, because I am the only person I can trust to get it done quickly. But I do use my network, crew, family and friends to connect the dots & ignite any support that I need. I have the best support system Especially the bf, MDVD :*

eastern market

eastern market

Timelapse of Eastern Market in Detroit 

Enjoy this cool timelapse of Detroit’s Eastern Market; a farmer;s market with fresh food, drinks, art, flowers and random things. It is always an experience to be in the city- but this is the best area on weekends to meet folks from out of state. It’s a land mine for everyone to come here, tweet about it – blog about it and write about it.

Thank you TY for taking this video.

As you walk around Eastern Market from shed to shed – you begin to notice a complete assortment of networks. There are small business owners that are posted up in the same area every single weekend. Those people must wake up very early – get parking and hustle for hours. Whew. I hustled today — I walked from vendor to vendor; networking with many of the local artists.. Basically curating new business and looking for additional businesses to join my Block Party on Friday, June 19th.

Eastern Market Detroit

You can hear me asking for “Green Grapes” – $4 — they were so good! We had those as a snack in the afternoon today. Loved. You can seriously fill up your fridge every week by attending this farmer’s market. I’ve never paid more than $20 for my entire order.

Eastern Market

And lastly, I have to throw my artwork out here – because I was inspired by local Detroit Artists to continue being creative today. I sat on the porch with a friend, picked up a few canvases that I laid glow in the dark paint on (yesterday). Finished these small pieces off with a Gothic Looking “D” Letter – to represent my business “DI Designs Studio” and represent the city of Detroit “D” which is the theme for the series of my block parties.

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If interested in custom Detroit artwork — please request. Paintings & Prints are available. melissa.divietri@gmail.com