Detroit Art Series


Photos taken: Saturday, June 6 — Blogged: Sunday, June 7
Melissa DiVietriSo here I am, sitting at a Starbucks cafe in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was sitting beside this friendly man who also had a Macbook while multitasking a reading book. We were sitting in the patio area of the Black Pearl because of better seating arrangement. Starbucks needs to have a better / bigger experience for their outdoor patio. There is one table with 4 chairs, not too inviting to enjoy a morning of bloggging.

I’m beginning to understand the best way for someone to get to know you ; is by explaining things in details – whether that is stories, memories, experiences, happiness or sadness. I want my readers to connect with me in a better way so I can become a better person and role model to my network.

As I battle the hospital appointments, sleepless nights, unpaid bills, stress at home / work – I turn everything “off” and go to work on a canvas. I stopped checking emails – instantaniously because I want my clents / social network to understand that I am not always in ‘go-mode’ 120 MPH all the time. I do need an hour or two to sit and do nothing but paint or read a book.

I love having the opportunity to open my studio doors and pick up a paint brush at any time.

I stay as true as I am able to balancing the sleep, work, life and all of the other 1 million things I am balancing. But we can’t have it all and we most certainly can’t do it all.

Detroit Abstract Paintings

Featured samples of what to expect during the Detroit Block Party on Friday, June 19th at 5PM at my art studio in the Russell Industrial Center.

Detroit Art

Here are prime examples of what people love in Detroit, MI. From the city skyline to the old Detroit Baseball logo – where the Tiger clearly has been doing some ***.  jk. I love the old logo, I’m happy it is trending on certain racer back tanktops and sweatshirts. I’ve purchased many of those items from “Detroit Hustles Harder” in Eastern Market.

Detroit Art Cityscape

I have been fixated on painting a lot more because of the high demand. I post a completed acrylic painting on my social media channels and within seconds — click Like, Like, Like, comment and share. I always respons timely to my friends & fans because they are my support system. Without these people taking time to improve my artist form; I wouldn’t be able to continue painting every day. There wouldn’t be a need.

Detroit Artwork

I’ve started branching off from just canvas and working into mixed media types of paintings now. I will be turning each of the Detroit “D”, cityscapes and the old Detroit Tiger Baseball logo into prints as well. A standard 18″ x 24″ large format print will cost $10 – which is a fair price as I am catering to the low income, small business, entrepreneurialship crowd. I enjoy working with visionaries but we do have to penny pitch. I want my innovators to have a piece of mine hanging in their home office or co-working space and “feel motivated.”

These prints are available for sale online, pick up at the studio or order directly to your home – send an email to

What’s Next for Art?

I am building a Shopify website so my friends and fans can go online (anytime) pick out a print, click ship and have it sent directly to their home. They may even order arylic or mixed media custom paintings at the convenience of a one-click shopping cart. Managing this aspect of my business (product line) is a new aspect to my company “DI Designs Studio,” which is my web, social and search agency housed inside the art studio. Drop by anytime if you’re a business owner seeking digital media.

Hmmm.. this is it for now, but will be back online later to fill the day. You can also jump on my many social media channels to have real tie features of the #LifeofMissyDI — snapchat & Twitter get the most action @missydi