Do What You Do Best + Be Patient Knowing The Best Things Take Time

Life of of missydi

Do What You Do Best + Be Patient Knowing The Best Things Take Time

I get it – some people just cant handle the truth because they are living in fear.

To have an extra ordinary life requires unique psychology. Think about your own life – remember when you shifted – and you raised your standards of the people and surroundings of you. How did you do it?

I moved 4 times during the pandemic && hotels and couch surfing until I found someone online in Miami— from Medellín to Detroit to Jackson, Mi then road trip in hotels for 6 days before landing in Miami. #stress#realworld crazy people really do exist 🤯

I am willing to be wrong so I can grow — falling into bad habits to play around and explore. I like to experiment and im addicted to the city.

Now, I am willing to be right and ask hard questions about what I really want in my world. I have said OUTLOUD what I wanted; I have activated in the world “ I will lead an international agency that creates art & music festivals for the people; pro cause on mobility / accessibility, minority, language”

I have been filtering everything in my life! I have exactly visioned what I want – and I have been winning! The magic moments with a blessed email and a perfect well done screen share

Ive surrounded my life in Detroit, Colombia, Bali, and the other parts of the world that fit into my passport of stamps. You cant be heaven sent without going thru places to learn. I like being valued to think quickly.

Maybe that’s just the city gurl in Me. At least, im not afraid to push back; speak my mind and learn from my mistakes. 💎

Life of of missydi