College Graduate

melissa divietri graduate

College Graduate

After SEVEN years of being in the higher education system, I can finally say that I DID IT! I started in 2007 at Jackson Community College then transferred Ferris State University in 2009 and finished up at Oakland Community College in Metro Detroit in 2014. WHEW!

Degrees Completed at Ferris State University:
Associates in Engineering – Printing Technology
Bachelor’s in Science – Graphic Media Management with minor in Advertising & Marketing
Advanced Art – Kendall College of Art & Design

Let me tell you HOW GOOD it feels to graduate from college! This is such a relief to accomplish a milestone. I finally have a cushion when applying for agency positions and travel opportunities.

Was all of this worth it?
There were many challenges when going to college, especially sacrifices. I became a better person and more socially active as a nontraditional in college. College is expensive and hard to get admitted. Once you are admitted, accepted and enrolled – university squeezes every penny out of you using hidden fees and percentage charges. Be careful, read the fine print and I mean everything – even if its 10 pages long. Just do it; your future depends on it.

Ask for another person to come with you to orientation. Yes, you feel that you are ready for the real-world and you don’t want mom & dad around; but it’s actually a really good idea to have someone with you.

How did I stay motivated all this time?
Friends, interesting classes, networking, FSU hockey and ummm music – I was a radio DJ for the university. Since I went to school in a small town of 10,000 people; it takes a lot of self-starting to entertain yourself. Make the most of college by sticking with a group of friend(s) and doing things together. Memories last a lifetime & your college friends will certainly surpass your high school ones.

Advice that I can give students:

  • Find a study space — the library, a creative spot on campus, coffee shop or more. It is important to go to that space and focus 100%
  • Dont push yourself so hard that you are stressed.. they are just grades and standardized testing doesnt even count as a real qualification unless you are a robot
  • Have fun – put yourself out there and make friends with people like you! Your college friends are people that you are going to know for the rest of your life!
  • Network — use this as an opportunity to get familiar with the future professionals in your industry
  • Apply for scholarships –  you wont drown in debt if you put yourself one foot forward.

What;s next?
Apparently, I am over-qualified or too-qualified for most positions that I applying around Metro Detroit. I am seeking advertising, print media or online marketing positions. The company either wants to not pay at all or pay a low rate in which I cannot afford to financial take care of myself. So meh.. something will eventually bite. I’ve been doing my side hustle of social media for so long; I know it will take off!

I am searching for an extraordinary position in Detroit; something off the wall.. When I find it; I know it will be there. Until next time xxMissyDi