10 Study Tips to Help with Homework

Study Tips

Studying for a huge project or finishing homework can be hard if you are easily distracted or can’t focus on the content for too long. I find myself being bored quickly while wanting to do everything BUT homework. After I finally kicked myself into gear; I found different study tips that were useful for completing homework. I hope that maybe some or all of these study tips are helpful for your education.

10 Study Tips to Help with Homework

1. Find the best time of day to sit down for a good half hour or more for studying. Whether it may be after work or school; designate at least an hour to focus on studies.

2. Study everyday. Look over your notes or watch YouTube videos to touch up the material. Don’t cram! I like notecards and visuals. I write really big words on white boards and associate those words with an image. I am a technology major so I like my iPad and electronics around to digitally optimize my notes.

Study Tips3. Review the materials with other classmates or friends. Working together is beneficial for yourself and your classmate. Test each other on the coursework, project or homework questions.

4. Create a “study space” – lock yourself in your bedroom or dorm room; go to the library, coffee shop or quiet space — Use this space each time. It helps your mind remember and stay focused. I personally enjoy electronic music while I am studying. I appreciate the 120mph beats per minute to keep my mind pumping. I need the noise in the background to stay focused on the subject. Music makes my heart go round; so it makes my study go round too 😀

5. Sleep well & eat right before an exam. Don’t go into an exam after slamming a 12 oz of RedBull.. Been there, done that — just makes you shake the entire time. Grab a bagel, cup of coffee, juice or water! Stay healthy and sleep for a good 8 hours before test time.

6. Study the harder topics first.. It may sound odd but always go over the harder topics more often than the least harder topics. Write detailed notes that you can review of these subjects.

7. Keep a positive attitude. If you tell yourself that you can be successful; you are more likely to become successful. Stay proactive, tell yourself “you can do it” – Optimism is the best form of self-confidence. I write quotes and notes over my entire household to remind myself of what I am trying to accomplish.

8. Stay on track. Use a calendar or planner to write when each homework or exam is coming up. Use that calendar to prioritize study time. Don’t miss class. If you need extra help — ask for it.

9. Tutoring — yes, tutors are so good to have whether you are struggling or just touching up on a subject. I like using different tutors because each one has a different way of teaching the course. Try em out and see how you feel! Sometimes it is easier for peer to peer teaching methods.

10. Oh the final number 10 — Learn to say NO! We are all guilty of going out to the bar the night before a big test or homework assignment. We are all guilty of putting off that 8 page paper until the day before it’s due.. This only hurts yourself.. so learn to say NO. DOn’t feel guilty about saying No. Tell your friends that you want to remain responsible; if they don’t understand that you want to study — they are not your real friends.

I hope this list of 10 Study Tips for Homework — will find you well. If you have a suggestion or addition — please let me know!

Good luck with your studies!