melissa divietri bali

Why Bali?

Over a year ago, I was facing one of the hardest challenges in my life. I was in love with someone of 6 years...
melissa divietri seminyak

What A Music Festival Taught Me About Letting Loose

Many of you already know that I'm heavily involved in the music scene from planning stages to live posting on social media networks..I will...
new york city melissa divietri

Remote Working in NYC

I can still remember waking up the loud noises of the traffic, the smells of exhaust and the hallways filled with people pushing to...
melissa divietri bali

Goal Setting in Bali, Baby

Now that I am far enough away from distractions in the USA, I am getting back into my grind mode... and if you know...
Melissa DiVietri Travel

I went back to Bali, Indonesia

Jet Setter - Go Getter.. is what my friends and family call me. I seriously have a hard time sitting still.. especially in the...
melissa divietri el salvador

[Video] My Experience in El Salvador

More Blogs From El Salvador My First Cigar -- It Was A Cuban Favorite Things About El Salvador Earthquakes - No Bueno Salvador Feels
melissa divietri guatemala

All is Good – People, Stop Worrying

I haven't made any of this information public, other than to my parents. I ran out of medical supplies 30 days sooner than...
melissa divietri el salvador

El Tunco got me into El Trouble jajaj

Why El Tunco I was really not loving San Salvador, El Salvador. The earthquakes were enough to make me want out asap. There wasn’t much...
colombia melissa divietri

First Class Status… Por Que!?

I am missing the feels in Colombia! I stayed for a month in Medellin, Colombia but it didn't feel like enough. There is so much...
melissa divietri san salvador

My first Cigar.. and it was a premium Cuban

Cuban cigars w new amigos in San Salvador !! Table full of international friends from UK, Toronto, El Salvador, and others - that's the...

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