Detroit Tour

Detroit Tour

ONE_DAY_ONLY! Saturday, November 14, 2015 Join me on Periscope for a LIVE tour of Detroit Get to know the city on a personable level by who else?...
Motivation Monday

Monday Motivation

It's Monday -- yes the Monday blues, right? Well not for this gal. I had some much-need relaxation in Northern Michigan. I spent the...

Get-Away to Grand Rapids

For my 27th birthday, I traveled across the state of Michigan to a city called, Grand Rapids. I use to live out this way...
two jetpacks flying

Emirates: #HelloJetman

In this incredible video, ex-fighter pilot Yves Rossy and parachuter Vince Reffet fly jetpacks alongside an Emirates-owned Airbus A380.
Book Tower Detroit

Book Tower Comes Alive

My favorite building in downtown Detroit has always been the Book Tower -- I love the way the building has a mysterious look to...
5th of November

5th of November

We chanted, marched, cried & walked for miles. I never thought this would go so far, but we did it. 5th of November -...
San Chez Grand Rapids

San Chez – Grand Rapids

A Tapas Bistro and Cafe Welcome to the most unique dining venue in downtown Grand Rapids, MI - a blend of European and Mediterranean cuisine...
Melissa DiVietri

Get Up & Get Out

You know when the seasons change.. and all of a sudden it gets really cold which makes you want to become a couch potatoe?...

sacral agenesis

You would think when you get older, you start to understand life a bit more. You think- the wiser you get - the more...
melissa divietri

Kicking The Migraines

The past three days , I've battled a migraine from hell. It is unlike any headache you can imagine.. it starts at the top...

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