My back is against the wall right now

Life of of missydi

My back is against the wall right now.. we have double digits in the nation of the pandemic in Michigan ; the movers fell out to transport my car to Detroit; one of my homies dropped me down a black hole… poof 🕳 back to the invisible walls surrounding my body + mind + soul. Im too heavy in the hustle, so that’s fine ✅

But, im still shining 💎 diamonds looking flawless; ammi right?

Falling Forward!!! Back 2 back sponsorship meetings all day tomorrow; bout to make it rain on these admin fees, permits please, and of course; the usual play boy drama in my life. I am extremely satisfied with the up’s and down’s; bby im a socialite. This is all I do…. I drip the happiness and sprinkle the seeds to activate your creative flow 🍃 there’s nothing conventional about me.

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Stay connected, stay safe; sign up for my email alerts to be in the know of my whereabouts. After this summer, im back on the tarmac ✈️ living in hostels and seeing the world again! #vamooooo