Art Moves Me ☀️ #Miamiartist

abstract art

Art Moves Me ☀️ #Miamiartist

Shouts @atomiko having the art scene on lock in sunny Fla 🔐 im inspired by your beautiful masterpieces on all of my journeys!
#Realtalk I’m confident in this disability suit featuring my permanent set of chains ⛓

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I’ve learned to accept this is my way of life; and others have it much worse than Me… so why should I complain when I truck thru my moments of self doubt and pain…? When people are losing battles to cancer; and world hunger for our children. I have no reason to be upset for having this disability suit. Like I say in my Tedx talk, ‘your body is just a piece that moves you between rooms.’

“Those who dont move, cant see their chains.”

I’ve fallen hard.. but Ive risen every single time – each time; it’s harder to get up… my bones, I’m weak but my mind moves fast.. my heart is strong, Some instances happen so fast, that I cant remember what I was upset about in the first place. Pain is just a temporary emotion 😅

You choose to determine how much you let in; who you let it and how they make you feel.

Miami is my blessing 💎 Many strangers danced in circles around me at the warehouse party on Friday… they didnt know I used crutches.. I placed my forearm crutches on the bass speakers next to us; and hold myself up entirely with balance. After over an hour of music flowing into my veins; I went to reach for them; to get some air… two Colombian girls were shocked and held my hand; ‘eres increible— meaning you are amazing.’ It was that moment while I was all alone; 2 or 3 am in a dark building where I realized my activation is on it’s course. I danced with these guapas for another hour; without saying a word; just vibing to the techno beats.

Ive been lost as F in Miami land; alone. Worried for what im doing best- Art has been my only way of guidance… sitting while staring for hours thinking about my responsibilities.

I love the underground culture ; it blows my mind how I always seem to end up in places where I shouldn’t… goose bumps and dead batteries.. i always end up on top; with faith. Being confident in my suit because i know someone is paying attention to my spirit. #art