8 Things To Do in Detroit This Week


My To-Do List of “8 Things to do in Detroit” this week!

1. Riopelle – with a recent grand opening on June 27th- I am very interested in viewing this artistic workspace at 1492 Gratiot Avenue.
Riopelle Facebook Page

2. Bruce Weber Photography Feature at DIA – shoot with loose expectations
http://metrotimes.com/arts/arts-features/bruce-weber-turns-his-camera-on-detroit-in-dia-exhibition-1.1708500. The feature will be open until Sept 7th.

3. Warhol on Vinyl at the Cranbrook Art Museum — yes, most definitely a must-see art exhibit. With a recent feature in the Washington Post; this collection is grasping a media presence. 39221 Woodward Ave – Bloomfield Hills, MI

4. Watch the USA WorldCup Soccer Game downtown Detroit on Tuesday – the Fountain Bistro was absolutely packed so I am looking forward to being in the center of the action with crazy, sports fans.

5. Aqua the new futuristic restaurant in Plymouth, MI has an edgy feel with a top menu. http://aquaplymouth.com/

6. Anchor Bar Detroit – journalists hidden gem. I know this will be a great place to make friends with other like-minded creatives.

7. Attend the UIX Detroit venue at Grand Traverse Pie Company in Plymouth

8. Watch the new “Transformers 3” Movie – filmed in Detroit. Mark Wahlberg <3