While time doesnt exist, travel is coming soon.

melissa divietri medellin


Well… it’s that time; but we all knew it was coming though, right? And if you dont know what is coming for me; then youre not really paying attention to what type of people that you want in your life – People that will uplift, motivate, inspire, aspire; all the things- as your personal support “YOU”

It’s only when you need something; that you will actually start to pay attention – do whatever it takes to bring me up to a golden hour or try to take me down like it meant nothing. But really, how folks treat me on a daily basis is comparable to chess… making moves. What’s the right move; should I stand back because not every battle is worth the hardships. Right? I dont need to be right every single time; I’m fine with being wrong and I’ll own that. It’s about the BIG wins; not the small ones. Are YOU making moves? Or just watching others making moves.. maybe even for you? :O


I’m a jet setter; I always have been. 36 countries in 4 years; by myself? – *snaps* – my passport is full of stamps; time to relink for a new one. I thought I was a gypsy but naw ; I’m a jet setter – and my chihuahua CoCo travels with me. So when we travel together; we are the cutest thing on the damn plane LMAO

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy – because this is what my lifestyle was like living in Colombia; except I’m going to glamorize it by 100x – I worked hard for it; mine as well – flaunt it. –

Penthouse Views from the Hostel – yes, Selina, but fuk em
melissa divietri medellin

Chopper Rides over the mountains
melissa divietri medellin

Abstract art selfies from local friends
melissa divietri medellin

My first, second and third art gallery in COLOMBIA
melissa divietri medellin
melissa divietri medellin

Cant forget the coffee tweak;

remote working from my fav cafe and online offices

Juan Valdez lmao
melissa divietri medellin

What’s next for timing?

Nothing, because time doesnt exist. Time is just an illusion – exactly as Albert Einstein will demonstrate; time goes by faster and slower based off of how your personal highs and lows are going throughout the day, evening, night – it all goes together.

YOU attract what YOU want – time moves faster based on HOW YOU act. So start acting right; and quit acting like fools sometimes; I need my highs & lows to myself.


When its time for me to return to the States; it will be based on my lifestyle choice – Preferably for something spectacular ; but hey. The world is my oyster even if it means that I spend half of my time online; I get the other half to enjoy life experiences.