When In Bali…

Melissa DiVietri Bali

Enjoyed my first coconut ! Ever 😛
melissa divietri

However, it was  Pina Colada <3 at Motel Mexicola — this swanky Mexican restaurant in Seminyak… It was off the beaten path pretty far from where we started but well worth the hike. The inside of the restaurant was decked out with flowers, lights and authentic Mexican style. The virgin Mary was above every table in the restaurant. It was hard to capture a photo of her because of the neon lights, but check below.

We shared two plates of guacamole and I ordered small bites. The food was SOOO good! Everyone was happy — our group got along very quickly and the different personalities have balanced great conversation!

Here’s a group photo of us at Mexicola!

After our delicious dinner, we strolled back to the central area of Seminyak for drinks & conversation. We stumbled upon this place called La Favela Bali! The restaurant was transformed into this cool space using old items from the past. The ceilings were created from old pieces of metal.. there were private seating rooms that looked like someone’s living room from the past. All around the area were old items like microscopes, fish tanks and TVs. There was a fountain in the middle of a seating area. After 9 or 10PM – all of the seats are moved and turned into a dance floor. The place gets packed from shoulder to shoulder.

Check out me & Frida! This was perfectly placed in the corner of the restaurant.

Mess with me.. You get Frida! #Bali

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