Traveling To South America – For My First Time

melissa divietri medellin

I made the truck to travel to Columbia, South America– on the flllyyyyyyy.. I literally booked my AirBnb and Flight just days before rolling out. I knew I wanted to go to Medellin but I’ve been consumed in client work; I’ve hardly had a moment for myself. This is going to be my moment;  I’ll be away from distractions and more focused on personal and business development, ayee.

This is my first time visiting South America and I’m absolutely loving this travel.. the people are so calm and nice. I am expert level at flying now.. I hardly need to make arrangements before I arrive because they have everything included in my frequent flier profile.

MY TRIP: From Detroit, I flew into Washington DC and then Bogotá. I didn’t realize that I was not in Medellin (which is where my housing and go working space is located). Like.. can you say wtf.. I call myself an expert at flying but I cant book the right airport lolz My luggage was way over weight — a mere 70lbs.. I had to explain that half of it was medical supplies; which is true. I am going to be away from America for months and I need to be extra prepared; it’s hard to find that type of equipment out here.

When I arrived into Bogotá, I quickly used my translator app to connect with someone from the airline to help me with a flight. I found the very last flight was leaving in one hour which I was able to get the very last seat on. I literally took a bus to the tarmac and enter the airplane from the concrete floor. What a trip right!!

I finally got my final destination, Medellin, around 1 AM. I was in awe. I’m still not familiar with how I got here …. but I’m happy I made it.  I hired a driver to pick me up from the airport but he didn’t speak much English so he bought his son to help translate. It was a nice ride and the mountain view is amazing. Check out my photos of the view from the apartment.. breath-taking. I will be working from home on many occassions.

On day one of my arrival, I went and had brunch at this super cute place near the apartment. As I walked closer and found a seat I use my translator app to order waffles and strawberries. It was so good. My favorite part of the brunch was the street dancers, they stop traffic right in front of the restaurant and it these crazy dance moves my flipping up in the air and clapping. I think they were trying to get my attention and I was absolutely enjoying it.

After brunch, I walk to the park and saw all of the street market vendors. I was getting a little tired so I walked back towards the apartment but stopped at the grocery store first. I wanted to get a salad to eat later but I found that it was challenging to read all the signs as most of them were in Spanish. So I ordered ensalada which is a salad.. haha

I went back to the apartment and worked from the balcony. The view is breathtaking and you can see the entire city which holds about 3 million people. I am so high up on the mountain that you can see the plane fly past us. It was a little nerve-racking at first but now I’m used to the small propeller planes flying by every couple hours.

I finalize my agenda for this week so I could start a working and getting to know different people in the area. I have already reached out to a few people on social media that have known me since I started traveling remotely. So I hope to meet with them while I’m here. I am going to be visiting many coworking offices but also enjoying the sites.

After a couple hours of social media scheduling and updates to clients websites, I decided to enjoy myself with a beer and burrito. It was sooo spicy — and just when I thought Mexico had spice.. no no no.. South America brings the noise for making my face feel like it’s peeling off ajaja

I went to a few other bars that had good ambience with house music blasting from the streets. But boy oh boy.. I am having a hella good time out here with the scene! The men are gorgeous… I think that my next boyfriend is going to be a South American for sure😂 They are so passionate and good looking; I can’t tell you how many couples (or maybe they just met) are making out in the streets; def a bucket list moment while I stay in Medellin

My week in advance.. bam! planned in a half day.. thanks to my host and research skills:

  • Looks like a ton of co-working in new offices’ >> this is the place for international business and digital nomads
  • Sightseeing — I am visiting the rainforest, I may fly in a helicopter (unsure) and taking this railway up the mountain this week!
  • Connecting with people on social media. I’ve been using some pretty hefty tools to help me locate people in the area so that I can monetize off of my social media presence but also learn about the local community.
  • Exploring with the locals — making a ton of vlogs and post to social media

Keep checking back on my blog or social media accounts – you know how to find me! @missydi