How A Passion To Travel Will Inspire Happiness

melissa divietri

You are probably wondering where I am in the world, today? I visit so many different countries and cities that it tends to become difficult to keep track of me.

I’m a person who loves experiences… I enjoy adapting to new things that are constantly changing, my personality feeds off of this type of lifestyle.

My line of work doesn’t require sitting in an office and plugging away at my computer. I can literally open my laptop and start grinding on business development for my social media clients. My line of work is social media consulting, as most of you who follow my blog, know that I am an influencer in this space. Social Media is the #1 communication component that allows you reach millions of people from the palm of your smartphone. But what about personal connections? I want to take my social media business to another level by teaching in different countries to develop that personal connection.

I a currently in Bali, Indonesia until Christmas.. follow my blog to keep up with my work / life balance.

There are 3 reasons why travel drives opportunities for me:

  1. I am considered a “digital nomad” – a person whom travels often but maintains a healthy work / life balance. My coworking space in Canggu, Indonesia is called Dojo Bali. Dojo Bali is named of the top destinations for working remotely while fulfilling a lifestyle that promotes passion and travel. My office houses more than 50 other digital nomads who are from different parts of the world. I met a handful of local Indonesian girls, gentlemen from Holland, Poland and Ukraine. Being a digital nomad has placed opportunities right in front of me. I literally just have to grab out and reach for them.
  2. Travel is good for your soul…. everytime I travel somewhere new.. or even visit places from before… I always met an incredible group of friends whom I later call my family..this is my little community of people from all over the world. How many people can say that they have that? These are individuals who lend a hand to let me borrow an extra helmet to ride my scooter, who hook up the scooter so it is adaptable for accessible, who provide a place of comfort and housing and cover my taxi ride because I ran out of cash.. the list goes on. These friends, whom I’ve never met in my life — are being so helpful to provide a stress free environment with a helping hand because I was nice to them. If our society could apply this “pay it forward” responsibility – can you imagine how much happiness would be spread in just seconds? Because I listened, engaged and stayed happy in this new environment, people were drawn to help me. Each time I travel, I find these individuals.. or they find me. I want to stay here forever but I know that my time has come to press on to the next opportunity… that is why I say “travel is good for your soul.” When you travel, you are constantly opening up to people of different cultures that could make an impact on how you view life.
  3. Lastly, I embrace opportunities when I travel. live on the edge, do crazy things, live in the moment.. whatever you want to call. I travel because I live on the wildside and experiences motivate me. I want to travel as much as possible and write about my experiences. I strive to become the person that people can look up to .. people can say, “I knew her when and she helped me do this x..” Those are goals in my life that I am aiming towards.

If I can come from nothing to a self-made success woman, you can do it it. I will build an empire of motivated individuals that aspire to follow their dreams. Have I always been this person? No.. I grew into it. I grew into being a leader and helping others to develop a positive mindset.

Follow my travel adventures & entrepreneurship on social media — all networks have the screen name @MissyDi ! Cheers xx Missy