Travel – 5 Places I Would Like to Visit This Year


1. New York

(duh, already accomplished.. and twice).
Once solo-dolo and the second time with my marvelous boyfriend, Mike.

First visit, I stayed in Brooklyn, New York – which is my favorite place in this entire universe. You can’t leave Brooklyn without visiting the art museums (Smack Mellon is my favorite), old-cobblestone town houses, Grimaldi’s Oven Brick Pizza, Brooklyn Bridge&& yellow taxis!

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, New York
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The second time, we stayed in Manhattan, New York – where his brother currently resides.
The city that never sleeps, rooftop bars, greatest shopping of all time && a million people to watch “people-watching heaven” For dorks like me that sit in a busy park – just to people watch =]

Manhattan Bridge, Manhattan, New York
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2. California

Currently residing in Irvine, California for an entire summer. I am interning at an advertising firm in this sunshine state. This place is gorgeous, the weather is always nice and the palm trees make a beautiful sound when the leaves are whistling together. Oh I am falling in love.

Irvine, California
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3. Las Vegas

Everyone wants to go, right? Why not while I am on the West Coast. Before the summer ends, I hope to make a one-or-two day trip to Vegas. I am not a gambler, just fixated on the bright lights & loud noises!

If I can’t make Vegas this summer, there is always Photoshop World, the largest seminar of digital marketers & photographers under one roof! (Sept 5 – 8). I encourage any designers, freelancers, photographers, advertisers to get your booty on an airplane and network with like-mind artists.

Las Vegas - Melissa DiVietri
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4. Washington D.C. or Boston, Mass.

Washington D.C. is a nice place to visit for a weekend. I traveled last summer to DC to visit a friend who was on her internship. I would really like to go to DC or Boston, Mass. Either one, I would be one happy lady. Some city on the East Coast – please.

Boston, Massachusetts
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Washington DC
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5. Chicago

Chicago is so easy to get too! I use to go to Chicago a lot when my sister lived there. I just enjoy Chicago.. I went last year for the GraphicExpo in Chicago; where printers & digital marketers network using high-tech equipment and presentations. I will be at the GraphicExpo on Oct 8 & 9th this year. Go traditional printing!

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