Technology Related Experience

Graphic Media Management

Technology Related Experience

During a recent application for an internship position, one of the questions asked “what are your technology related experiences?” Which is a great question to ask! Since I am a major in Graphic Media Management at Ferris State University; our program is surrounded by technology advancements. Our curriculum emphasis the use of print and digital media in an automated workflow. The software changes so quickly that we are constantly on our toes to learn about the new advancements in the graphic arts industry.

Here is a quick compiled list of my technology related experience. Please ask questions if you would like to learn more!

Technology Related Experience
– Website Coding – HMTL, WordPress, Joomla
– Website Content Management System
– Keyword Optimization
– Word Processing Skills
– Spreadsheet Management
– Database Mining
– Online Electronic Presentation
– Webinar Knowledge
– E-Mail Blast
– Digital Camera
– Color Management Profiling
– File Transfer Protocol
– Educational Copyright
– Computer Security
– Scanner Profiling Curves
– Create & Edit Digital Audio
– Social Media Bookmarking
– Blog for Online Platforms
– Video Conferencing
– Design Infographics
– Social Media Marketing
– Cross Media Marketing – Digital & Print Media
– PDF Portfolio
– Screen capture & tutorial
– Curate Web Content
– Create online surveys or quizzes
– Mobile Application Development
– Variable Data Printing
– Web to Print Automation

Graphic Media Management