Some Things Will Never Change

Melissa DiVietri

Melissa DiVietri
The feeling you get when you are the new person at the office. Not just any office, but Corporate. This is my first time working directly in a client’s office to manage their social media brands. I have to admit – there are many limitations when it comes to working for Corporate —  I’m not upset that the red tape is there; I just become a bit frustrated because when the red tape is removed – the solutions that I’ve developed to implement, may no longer be valid.

This is my first time in a box — my cubicle. I call it a box.. because it reminds me of a box – You sit in your space and work all day. As an entrepreneur for my whole life.. I never sat still. I worked out of my office in downtown Detroit – or different cafes, art galleries and special places in Detroit. I like to keep moving – my mind works better that way. So my box has a few of my painting prints to add a bit of color to my day. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Social media changes constantly; which is what entices me about the space — I live, eat, work, breathe and play in this space.  I understand this space better than anyone I know.. I understand so well because I constantly ask my network what they want to see, provide me some feedback and ask questions. I reach out to businesses for blog post features, video chat panels, press passes to write blog articles for their event and many – many TRAVEL opportunities. This social media space has changed my life — it brought awareness to my talent, my disease, my struggles and my passions.

Gotta Have Patience

It may take time to make new friends at the office — I’m already feeling like my social media services can support many of the recruiters; especially in social media recruiting. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years is to remember:  BUSINESS is business – I’m not here to make friends; I’m here to do a job. I arrive early at 7:30AM – hardly take lunch breaks longer than 30 minutes and stay until 5:30PM each night. I like to stay longer so my commitment shows value in my job.

I’m a motivated person — I sit beside the door so when people come in & out – I say hello, who are you? Nice to meet you. I make conversation in the hallway, elevator and sometimes bathroom – when it’s appropriate.

Everything I do, I do it for a reason.

I don’t save minutes – I save seconds. I create a TO DO list every morning for my brand and the brands that Im working on. You wouldn’t expect me to shut my brand off? Never – I would never leave my readers.. you keep me alive!

I spend all evening on myself- like tonight for example -It’s one o’clock in the morning. I’ve been u p since 6:30AM — work all day.. I went to a networking events in Downtown Detroit to build my brand. I came home to upload photos and recap my thoughts in a blog. I need to spend my Friday / Saturday wisely to complete all of my work, schedule my blog posts ahead of time and get ready to go to a Charity Ball in downtown Detroit. Like I said, I actively seek opportunities to go after the next best things.

You know maybe Corporate America isn’t my thing – but I am open to giving this a try. I want to — for one time in my life- stay with a company and grow something impactful. My goal is to stay for at least 6 months or more. Im use to advertising agency life — the innovation, the creativity and the people. I actually interviewed many agencies & large BRANDS before I decided on Corporate. I INTERVIEWED — I was looking for something in particular with each company. This was my choice to select Corporate in which I thought carefully about.. “I truly think that I was convinced to come here; which I wanted to be. I wanted to be convinced that there is a need and a want for my talent.”

Some Things Will Never Change

If I can give you some advice to take-away about changing your career, I would say to write it all down. Write everything down that you are seeking in a job. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t Settle. Show your value and drive your worth. If you really love a brand or company; and their isn’t a job posting online; reach out to them! I have done that on so many occasions – it shows that you want it more! Heck — I even met with QuickenLoans this year; but I really want to do my own thing. A lot of my network works at QL — it’s an amazing place, especially since it’s downtown and the company culture is so wild. However; my friends are living that dream — I wanted something unique.

Corporate will not change me. I know my drive, passion and ambitions are on a bumpy road to lead to successful ventures. I was nominated for 20 in their 20’s Crain’s list this year, featured on 3 media outlets and started my own weekly video chat hosting social media brands. Im one in a million — so I expect to stay happy. If I’m not happy; I’ve gotta make a move. My aggressiveness sometimes shows when I am working because I believe in what I am doing has true value. Many people do not understand the value of social media because they have not used it in a way that increases ROI, grows network and shows engagement. You can learn about your entire audience demographic, customer purchasing habits and what will be trending in your industry — all with social media. Gasp.

It;s magic. 😉 no.. it’s a skill. A skill that I will continue getting better at — so whether you want to admit this or not. Use me as a resource, not a weapon. I can build your brand — and improve your network. Be nice.. it goes farther in life.