Social Media Marketing Check-List

social media checklist

Your short list of social media opportunities to include in your marketing plan! Here are just a few things to do each week to monetize on social media networking:

Facebook Marketing
-- Join groups that are relevant to your industry
-- Comment on 2 posts or more per day,
-- Share other content from influencers, tag their pages
-- Stay interactive on your Business LIKE Page by adding images, links and resources
-- USE VIDEO - LIVE Stream is HUGE right now

Twitter Marketing
-- Follow industry leaders - at least 15 per day - LIKE, comment, retweet
-- Participate in trending hashtags to stay relevant
-- Thank your followers for connecting with you, send direct messages with emojis!

LinkedIn Marketing
-- Add professionals from work, community and networking events
-- Use those business cards! Add people to grow your network
-- Join groups that are relevant to your industry. Eg. Metro Detroit Small Business

Instagram Marketing
-- Follow 10 + people each day // unfollow after a few days to keep following high
-- Use 3 - 10 hashtags with each post
-- Tag industry influencers that are relevant in the post
-- Include a link in your bio
-- Use Instagram stories to connect with your audience on a personable level

Google Plus Marketing
-- Post 3 to 5 links each week on your Business Page
-- Comment in Google+ Communities
-- Stay active by +1 posts in newsfeed, +1 is similar to LIKES
-- Share posts from relevant industry leaders

Pinterest Marketing
-- Grow your network by searching "key terms" that you would prefer as your audience
-- Create boards

-- Write 1 blog post per day or 3 blogs each week
-- Post these blog posts on all your social networks (posting doesn't have to be at the same time on all network)
-- Repurpose your social media blogs to drive conversions to your website.

Utilize this social media checklist as a stepping stone towards a successful marketing campaign. Just a few other things to keep in mind.. Stay consistent when posting to social media networks. Utilize social media advertising to reach more followers.