Simon Sinek – My Hero [Video]


Simon Sinek has always been a hero to me. He can sum up my everyday challenges fostering the connection between social media & deep-meaningful relationships… I want my life & work to mean something -+- and make someone else’s life easier, better for them.

Many times I wonder why I am still in this business; I feel overwhelmed in the SMM life. I’m convinced that I am using my knowledge to build this tribe online.. of motivated individuals.. a trickle effect. I wouldn’t trade the success for anything. The journey has been long, difficult & on-going…more headaches, stress than you can imagine.

The fact that I can log on to a device and be connected to the world.. and change the attitude of a person (just one) each day.. maybe more.. that’s my fulfillment.. it’s not the $$ or the travel; it’s the connection.

I send minimum 300+ messages a day across the board; but what is the purpose? Discover what I want to be when I grow up.. where I want to live? .. I keep convincing myself that I will get something “out of these messages” that I send for my brand, my clients, advertisements – whatever.

I am pushing to be wiser, happier and stronger everyday.

I can tell you from experience, I’ve built stronger relationships in-person during my solo-travels — and I’ve kept them going thru social channels. I measure my impact by the lives that I touch thru social media because I can see how it affects people.

People are trying to convince me that I should get a real job and stay still.. That noise will not knock me off course as there will always be people who don’t understand why I do – what I do everyday. I’m focused, baby. I choose what really matters to me.

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