The New Me?


The transition from being in freezing cold Big Rapids, MI to the fast-moving Detroit, MI has been the ultimate change. I’m very excited to finally finish my undergraduate degree at Ferris State University. This left a lot of open ooportunity to make a decision on where to go, who to work for and what to jump into…

During the summer, the first couple weeks were extremely discouraging. I met with 3 to 5 agencies per week for marketing positions. The pay was too little, the drive was too far or the job description was entry level..nothing – which I am far more advanced than an entry-level nothing. Not too mention — I need the company to accept my health insurance. After 6 months of being completely uncovered, I fought with the government by driving all the way to Washington D.C with 9,000 other folks to make a statement. As you know.. my health insurance issues are a whole different ball game.

The Scene

I found my wave by jumping into different scenes in Detroit… I guess I’ve always been involved in Metro Detroit / Downtown Detroit but I would call it “part-time” involvement since I was a 3 hour drive away. You can pick and choose your friends in Detroit because there is so much happening that you have to decide how to define yourself — whether that is from art, music, creativity or other hobbies – there is something for everybody in Detroit.

I found a group of art enthusiasts using Facebook. I “Liked” all of the Facebook pages for art galleries in Midtown. I connected with each of the galleries explaining my social media services. I volunteered for many of the galleries as their social media strategist. My job qualifications were easy — take photos of artwork, being inspired and post as often as possible while tagging the artists & art gallery. I wrapped the events up in a blog post that I later sent in an email blast and directly to anyone who was involved in the venue. There was a venue called “Drinks x Design” – which happened once per month at different locations in Detroit. I would attend DxD and become familiar with the same faces — which later became my art scene. I am still extremely active by attending multiple galleries each week. My most recent gallery hopping was last Friday, Nov 14 at the Redbull House of Art in Eastern Market.. following the next day – I enjoyed visiting the art studios at Russell Industrial Center near Hamtramack. I met more entrepreneurs in the Russell than the entire time I’ve been living in Metro Detroit. I found my new art haven — I will be visiting again soon!

As always, I’m staying true to the music movement. I attend as many electronic shows as I’m capable.. The greatest performance has to be — “Bassnectar” — on Day of the Dead – which was also my 26th birthday. (Yay, can you believe I’m growing up so quickly?) I bought tickets off Craiglist which turned out to be fake. Fortunately, I was able to sweet talk the security guard to convince him to let me enjoy my birthday.


None-the-less, I’ll continue doing what I do.. which is take it one day at a time. That’s all you can expect from me.