NAIAS Detroit has arrived!! The auto show will be open to the public starting Saturday, January 16, 2016 at the COBO in Detroit, MI. I’m bummed that I was OOO on Mon / Tuesday during the press preview because it would have been perfect opportunity to snap photos without having anyone in my photos. I had back to back appt on Mon & Tuesday worked from home. Thankfully, I have friends in the press — here are some great shots from MODE Detroit to fill in my gaps where I wasn’t present.
NAIAS Detroit

NAIAS Detroit

NAIAS DETROIT is a great opportunity to connect with automotive executives one on one. Last year, I assisted WXYZ with tweeting but this year – I’ll be on my account live tweeting from @missydi.

I am most looking forward to connecting with automotive executives because I’ve worked on a half dozen different social media campaigns for auto. Auto has the biggest budget which ultimately leads to more creative advertisements. All I’m saying, if the right opportunity presents itself – I won’t think twice about discussing it further. I’d love to get up close & personal with this beautiful Ford below (From Twitter).

I will be heading downtown Detroit very early tomorrow to capture some beautiful skyline photos. I need refreshers for my blog — it’s difficult to get downtown because I’m so committed to my current position. By the time its 5:30PM, I’m ready to hit the hay.. but not tomorrow – Saturday is going to be my day to hit the ground running. Coffee in the am at a nearby coffee shop around the COBO area in hopes of passing by business professionals. Afterwards, photo shots of different buildings in Detroit looking for parked cars to gather shots of the city & auto show in one. I came across the gorgeous image on Instagram.

I’m an opportunity hopper — all the way. I can’t wait to hop my behind around the city tomorrow.

xXXo MissyDi