What A Music Festival Taught Me About Letting Loose

melissa divietri seminyak

Many of you already know that I’m heavily involved in the music scene from planning stages to live posting on social media networks..I will go lengths for electronic, house, deep house, techno, trap, drum and bass, festivals.. from large crowds to small crowds; the isn’t a hill that I won’t climb to work with industries that I am passionate about.

melissa divietri seminyak

I had the pleasure of assisting SUNNY SIDEUP MUSIC FESTIVAL in Seminyak, Bali – 2 day music festival w/ a launch party featuring a famous Indonesian art installation and music stage made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and plastic bags.

Pre-Event: Art Installation

melissa divietri seminyak

This masterpiece was created by a famous artist that recycled elements and repainted to form this giant mural.

Potatoe Head Club in Seminyak

The venue was absolutely incredible.. the entire team did a wonderful job to make everything look so enchanting (like out of a movie).

melissa divietri seminyak
The music festival stage was made out of recycled plastic bottles and bags that were collected from the Bali shores. This incredible installation was possible because of Merah Putih Hijau (MPH) one of my passion projects that I assist for social media communications and relations. MPH is a mission behind separating your waste and turning organics into composite that can be used for farming. The village of Perananan, where I live in Canggu, are the facilitators that are making all of this possible by separating their waste after using it.The community sells the plastic and metal to the recycling centers to collect money that is later given back to the community. How beautiful.

Bali makes me happy…and I wanna be stuck living in this dream

This is my third return back to Indonesia. I am planted for awhile this time.. I will have to figure out how to get my life situated though (over time).. from medical supplies to client payments to a bunch of other nonsense that happens in the states.

But for now.. I am just living it up… in VIP.. because I dont waste a moment in my life worrying about the bullshit or things that are out of my control. [5×5 Rule] If it doesn’t matter 5 years from now, it doesn’t matter 5 minutes from now. 

‘Lets be lonely together’ ✌🏼 #balibabe

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I think my hometown is following me… really though.

Detroit is always on my mind.. literally, I am homesick like crazy missing the techno venues, dirty warehouse parties, good craft beer and city noises –BUT I think Detroit was sent to Bali to make me think of home.. here’s why…

Big Sean was a headliner at the music festival for Day 2. Big Sean has never been to Indonesia before and he brought his whole crew out, even his mama!

My friends and I rolled deep in the pool, yes pool, for this epic performance — you had to get in the pool very early to get this view! Wow – so worth it <3 There was a pool in front of the stage, in front of the front — it was so unreal. My girlfriend caught this video using her waterproof case.

Detroit will always be my #1

melissa divietri seminyak
I look like I am absolutely living it up in this beautiful.. which I am (in paradise) but I will never forget my roots. Detroit is my hometown – the city that is rising from ashes, coming from corrupted government and bankruptcy.. “the rose that crew from concrete(Tupac)” – would be my best way to describe Detroit.

I am who you see in front of you because of where I am from. The grime, dirty, soul, hustle, work your life away mentality.. that go-getter mindset taught me how to hustle. If you think I am amazing, you should meet my fukkin crew in Detroit — we all have this same lifestyle. When you are on the grind 24/7 — you find others who are going to the same places (just like you). Success follows Success.


 Here’s something for you to enjoy…

How about a traditional sunset photo to make you think of me <3

xx – Melmelissa divietri seminyak