Monitor Your Brand On Social Media With This Easy Tool

Monitor Your Brand

Monitor what users are saying about your brand. Whether the users are posting negative or positive comments; it is important to understand what your audience thinks of your brand.

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Monitor & Respond to these users with the help of social media listening tools! Guess what – I’m going to show you a demo of a free social media listening tool (SocialMention). That way, you can be proactive by popping in the browser every day for damage control.. jk.. It’s also a great way to reply to users from one screen. I personally love “TweetDeck” too – but I used that social media program in another tutorial on scheduling content. It’s important to be flexible on social media programs – mix it up a bit!

How To Monitor Your Brand Using Social Mention

So here we go.
1. Go to
2. Type in your brand name – click search
3. Browse through the content that was published
4. Select links to respond, retweet or favorite
5. Repeat

Proactively “listen” and “monitor” to what users are saying about your brand.