Tuesday Tip – How to Apply Make Up When You Have Blue Eyes


Weekly Tuesday – Tip: How To: Make-Up

In this makeup tutorial, you will watch how to apply make up if you have blue eyes. I am using a multi colored palette to highlight my big blue, bug eyes. I applied a bronzer to bring out my cheek bones along with a light pink blush to make my cheeks look flirty.

I use liquid eye liner to make that thin line across my eyes. I’m also addicted to my mascara – I’ve used the same one for over a year. Tweet me if you’d like to brand name. My eye lashes look 3 xs bigger when I use this mascara.

Next week, I will show you how to create a smokey eye color. I use multiple shades of black & grey to bring out that effect.

Check back next Tuesday — for the next Makeup Tutorial.