Joseph’s Blessings on Christmas


Christmas Eve – Jackson, Michigan
I’m in #Jackson, Michigan visiting my family and friends that I haven’t seen in a long minute. Last night we celebrated Christmas Eve with my sisters and brothers. All the kids came and we had a delish Italian dinner… thank you mom.

I visited with my other family too, I wouldn’t call them the ‘other’ family but they are second-to-none when it comes to anything. **My Aunt Deb adopted my two brothers and I when we were in our toddler ages, she took great care of us. Since we aren’t in her custody, I still love to visit because I appreciate blessings in life. My cousins and their children were finished unwrapping their christmas gifts when I arrived, so perfct #timing.

I brought my pooch CoCo to their house because I had a feeling the kids could wear her out. My brother Eric was playing Guitar Hero and my cousins caught up in conversation with me. It has been a long while since I’ve seen the entire family together so it was a nice #relaxing evening.

‘My grumpy ass is beginning to realize how many people care for me in my life.. I’m so useto doing everything alone. I heard you [J.O.D.], when he reads this, he’s gonna tell me “You dont have too.” #Trust  Yesss.. I do.’

Realize…I’m not your average Diva… I’d rather work, because it’s all what I do. Everything I have in life, I made the name and I worked for it. Get on the #work tip, or stop wasting my #time.

Christmas Day

This morning, the most blessed moment happened to my mom & dad. At church the alter boy never came to mass, but my dad got up from his seat and followed the priest with the cross held high into the air. My dad #saved mass that morning, he told me this was his first time in 50 years as an alter boy. When my mother and father came to recieve the bread, the priest kneeled in front of the alter and sang a song about Joseph. Usually the church will recite a song about Mary or Jesus, but I found this more spirtual because my dad’s name is Joseph!

I thought of how fantastic it was for the family to have such an inspiring moment, especially at #Church. Damn it feels good to be a DI!