Gratitude.. and Emotional Intelligence

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When you travel on the road as much as I do.. you see people. You see people for who they are.. if their blood is pure .. or if their body is full of absolute shit. I am always worried about everyone around me and consumed in their hurt. I can walk into someone else’s shoes just from the look in their eyes.. I have those “angel eyes” where I stare and actually see / feel your emotional and expressions. I travel because I am a broken soul.. a pure soul with good intentions but I’ve been broken down more times than imaginable. My experiences continue to stress me out.. which confuses me on why I even do this lifestyle.. or why I want it. I just like it.. I get off on it; the rush is absolutely incredible and I have no idea what tomorrow is going to be like. So I finding and paving my way by using the resources that Ive adapted. With a strong personality comes emotional intelligence…

but what is emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is being aware.. empathetic to those feelings and concerns that are around you. Having emotional intelligence is giving you the upper hand on what to say next, how to use body language, when to make a motion or just sit and listen… many times, I just sit, listen and let the person speak.. I use to be the chatter, chat chat chat chat — but now, I’m playing it cool by letting others open up to me. You would not imagine how much that I learn from being a social media strategist.. the way that people just open up to me. I am a token of good hope for many of them.. I can feel that.

When you have emotional intelligence, you can feel what the other was going thru.. the intelligence factor of knowing and expressing others emotions. Emotional intelligence is dealt from coping strategies.

“Yes, Emotional intelligence is a good thing! It improves strategic thinking, investigating and creativity within yourself.“

I have been building positive attitudes towards my life obstacles because I certainly don’t have a choice not too. I have been blessed with this difference to make something out of it. I am constantly being monitored by people.. whether I like that or not.. If I go out in public, I know that there will be consequences in the process. I just “move and shake” as my entire life has been affected by trust issues. I don’t have the ability to control what I went thru in my past but it certainly gives me an opportunity to understand and share feelings of empathy.

What is Gratitude?

2019 my word is going to be gratitude ✅ The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they’re thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems. #wakeup #beaware

Ive been thru the ringer.. and I think that's why my energy is always shining because what I have is called an "itch" – to be unstoppable, you need an itch.. An itch is something that self-motivates you; drives you – controls you – you WANT to do it because you've got an itch. I got that itch.. even when I'm hurting, I still keep it moving. I fall when I collapse.. which is more frequent now than ever – because accessibility doesnt exist as commonly in the countries where I travel; but I'm adapting (as always). I keep my head up.. chin up.. still shining… Before I turned 25 years old, I had 14 surgeries under my belt + I have not been hospitalized in 3 years because I control my pain hollistically.. meaning, cold turkey.. If Im in pain, I dont take medication.. I work it out; throw on my away message for email and figure it out…. whether its because I'm so stressed from not sleeping / eating / over-working.. I start with the core; and stop everything around me (including this) most of my posts are automated unless you see them at 3am.. most likely me ajajaj after the club when I see people in FULL focus. Oh my goodness. I'mmaaaa keep it moving into 2019. I've been around the world; and I aint done yet ;D

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I wear my hometown on my sleeve, just like my heart 💕 because everything that ive ever learned about taking care of myself, came from my roots. My mind is moving faster than my body.. I cant keep up with the demand in my inbox.. which is making my time feel like a wash after not accomplishing the connections that I need to sort out. Taking my life story on the road as a motivational speaker; and if you read my blog.. you know that i have stories that will make you laugh, cry, scream, cant believe. Starting in Jan / Feb – Colombia, Los Angeles 🇨🇴 March – Medellin, Miami, Detroit, Chicago 🇺🇸 April – Detroit, Capetown – May / June / July;: USA & SurAmerica ✖️✖️ Medellin is my HQ 📍 but Detroit is my heart. #hustleneversleeps

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