Medellín es en Miami 🇨🇴 fuegoooo papi!

techno baby

Medellín es en Miami 🇨🇴 fuegoooo papi!


Walked down the marina for an hour & got lost in the city lights.. the hot weather ; parked yachts; date nights; sexy sounds ufff Miami is a vibration; a high frequency, that’s for damn sure. 💨

I watched the ferris wheel and the skyline lit up, changing colors to the motions of the buildings ; the city is astonishing.. skyscrapers & tech companies taking over. Real estate moguls & playboys from NY & LA… now TX. i can hardly hold my breath from keeping up as a socialite anymore.

I needed this moment alone to reflect on all my accomplishments & challenges this week. I remember what a lady said to her daughter at the airplane check in line, “and we look for the solution…”

I absolutely loved that; even though i didnt know what she was talking about; it applied to just about everything that i was battling this week 🔥

Ive been blessed to have Medellín techno sounds arrive to Miami 🇨🇴 where do i even start? Colombia has always been my second house; equal to Indonesia. It’s been over a yesr since ive seen richie; and 18 months since ive danced in MUTE.

Ive always lived on the edge

God continues to test my faith

My circle keeps getting smaller

My speed changes much faster

Im on the way ⛓🔚🔙 now, its time for a dance until the sun starts shining.

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