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melissa divietri colombia

It was easy to fall in love with the mountains in Medellin, Colombia… the way the sun crashes on one side but a tropical storm could be happening on another. When you could walk two blocks from one area and find yourself lost in the comunas… I experienced unforgettable moments in this country. I have always been drawn to countries that have rough edges & high-risky moments for travel, safety & opportunities.

When I first traveled to this country, I knew that Colombia was going to change my life..forever

Everyday, I cracked open my laptop in a different location in Medellin – the hub for international travelers. Botanika, Arte Museum Galleria, && Selena Co-Working are my three favorites for remote working.

melissa divietri colombia

Medellin is Top-Notch For
International Business Relationships

Wealthy Backpacker – Medellin, Colombia

The Wealthy Backpacker

Read my feature in The Wealthy Backpacker; a 17 page collection on Colombia.. and it’s hidden pleasures, gems and craziness. Read now.

Why Colombia?

Less than 2 mile radius and you are surrounded by a dozen different co-working spaces, art galleries & small cafes tucked away in this jungle-like city.

melissa divietri colombia

My Favorite Part of Medellin?

Besides the incredibly nice people, beautiful language and colorful views… I fell in love with the art & techno scene!

View my past blogs to check out my insane adventures with Colombians from music festivals to painting in art galleries and hopping Airbnbs until I found a safe one

Past Blogs on Medellin

Art Gallery in Medellin

Art Gallery in Medellin – Round 1 🖼

Disaster @missydi_artist #missydiartist   View this post on Instagram   Disaster @missydi_artist #missydiartist A post shared by Melissa DiVietri (@missydi) on Jan 22, 2019 at 5:26pm PST  

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Jan 24 – painting LIVE in Selina Medellin

Thursday, January 24 – 8PM to Midnight SELINA MEDELLIN WIN A PAINTING Win Abstract Art Painting < feeling like I finally got the art setup situated.. and it looks pretty incredible! 💋 #lifeofmissydi – connect me for a differeant artistic style or custom abstract @missydi 🎨 A post shared by Melissa DiVietri Artist Page (@missydi_artist) […]

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Year Ago Today: Medellin

This was one of the most beautiful sites — a year ago today. And oddly enough, I am flying into Medellin this evening after a 2 week episode in Cartagena, Colombia. A Year Ago: Today Back to my flash back from a year ago. This was a day and half journey on two airplanes. I […]

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Back into crossroads — two completely different directions but only one path… I decided to move back into international speaking mode in USA starting Feb as a keynote speaker.. Flying into LA after a music festival in Colombia. And making arrangements as an abstract artist with ehibitions. Many, many, many opportunitires – but only one […]

New Art Gallery in El Poblado, Medellin

New Art Gallery in El Poblado, Medellin 🎨

Check out my new art gallery in El Poblado, Medellin – the richest neighborhood in Colombia. View my art on Instagram @missydi_artist 🎨🖌 @technolivesets @missydi_artist A post shared by Melissa DiVietri (@missydi) on Dec 14, 2018 at 12:44am PST First piece in the new #artgallery —- new place = new vibes 🔥🔥 follow my artist page @missydi_artist […]

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First Painting in New Gallery – Medellin

melissa divietri medellin

Don’t Call Me Baby.

Today, was the worst for the name calling on the streets in Medellin.. Our internet was not functioning this morning so I had to take my happy ass with my computer a few blocks down the road to a park in Envigado.. I had an important call with my therapist this am.. and yes, I […]

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melissa divietri medellin

My New Art Gallery in Medellin

blondie and missydi

Blondie & MissyDI – First Trip

Blondie & MissyDi – Our First Trip I could not have asked for a better travel companion— our first flight together #juliandmeli adventures as we build our empires and grow our businesses in one country at a time!! – 🇨🇴✖️🇺🇸 our first stop is Bogota > Miami > Cartagena on tour – @blondie_and_missydi catch us […]

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Pre-Birthday Madness in Medellin

For my birthday – We went to Claptone! 🎭Nos vemos en Masquerade by @claptone.official Imperdible🎭 #josseandtaco #djstyle #djlifestyle #djtour #partyallthetime #techhouse #fiesta #undergroundmusic #medellin #ritvales A post shared by josemandtacoman (@josemandtacoman) on Oct 26, 2018 at 11:06am PDT im sorry i may have been a lil brat in all my communication today – but dealing […]