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Melissa DiVietri

My holiday was great because the family came together for Thanksgiving. Watched the Lions game, win=win.. chilled with the family in Michigan Center and just relaxed for the most part. Since I am downstate for these next few days, I tried to take advantage of traveling as much as possible. I planned out a few days here and there.. but I really wanted a break from Jackson.

Visiting Tyrus

Had to take this break from life by visiting one of my long-time friends in Ypsi. Picked Ty up from his work in Downtown Ann Arbor & went downtown to run some errands during the shopping sales for Black Friday. We stopped at Michael’s craft store to pick up some supplies. The total time for waiting in=line to check out was as much time we spent walking round the store, which was awhile.

Melissa DiVietri

Black Friday in Downtown Ann Arbor

Since it is Black Friday, there was major madness in the city. We parked on Main Street which ad bright lights across the street corners. The city had holiday in the air as people walked everywhere. It was absolute madness in the city.

Ann Arbor Art Gallery

Looking for inspiration in Ann Arbor is easy… We didn’t even plan our night, just let everything happen. I found parking on Main Street and walked around the city for a good restaurant. We stumbled onto some inspiration during our tour of Main Street.

We went to two art galleries before grabbing dinner. The art galleries were inspirational with mixed media pieces of encaustic and abstraction — right up my alley. The owners said they host special artists for guests. I will look into that to have a mini showcase. Depending on commission, I may submit a couple encaustic pieces while I attend Kendall this semester.

I have been gathering more ideas to open my art gallery. I take a lot of pictures of the things that I like. There is an event coming up in Midtown Detroit for artists on December 7 for artists.

Jolly Pumpkin Tyrus and I went to Jolly Pumpkin in Ann Arbor, healthy lifestyle and good atmosphere. I love this restaurant because it has unique items on the menu. I tried the Raspberry Vinaigrette salad with side sandwich of pesto, mozzarella on cabiatta bread/ it tasted so good! Of course, I snapped a photo since I am a foodie!

After our quick dinner, quick coffee session was in store! Starbucks & People Watching.. everybody was out tonight.

More photos from the art galleries:










The only reason for these photos, my boyfriend loves Michigan

He wants a painting of the Big House.. goodluck.. I won’t be able to paint that for ya, babe <3 IMG_2756


The Real Cinderella Dress and other Recent Work – Valerie Mann


Art Gallery Ann Arbor



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