Documentary Launch – Life with Sacral Agenesis

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Looks like you are making it! To watch the launch of this inspiring documentary, based on true story – biography of Melissa DiVietri. You will need to tune into Facebook LIVE on Wednesday, Aug 28th at 3PM EST – Detroit Time to watch this premiere.  Facebook LIVE Link

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Melissa DiVietri: Life with Sacral Agenesis – Short filmed stories that follow abstract artist and internet marketing consultant, Mel DiVietri around here lifestyle in Detroit, Michigan USA, Medellin, Colombia, South America and Bali, Indonesia. You will laugh — you may cry – you will fer sure – be shocked; at how candid each short film condenses an entire life story into pieces of segments for you to enjoy. 

Each short story is broken by segment based on a category or chapter of life. The following stories will be posted as stories with support by RedBull Bogota. 

Part 1 – Who Is Mel ; Introduction to Sacral Agenesis – Premiere Aug 28 @ 3PM
Part 2 – Art Life ; The Artist Behind The Paintings
Part 3 – Music Career; Managing & Producing A Mega Music Platform
Part 4 – Family ; The Past / Present / Future & Where Are They Now
Part 5 – Social Media ; Transforming The Game Of Communication
Part 6 – Relationships ; Trust Issues & True Meaning of Friendship Last Forever
Part 7 – Diagnosis; What caused this & How to care for it?
Part 8 – What is to come? What will be next for miss jet setter?

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This documentary is going to be for you… this is going to be for me.. this is for everyone who thought about giving it all away… after you worked your whole life on it… i read your emails, letters and messages on social media. Its only been recently when I opened my eyes to the life that I created. After the heartbreak & travel ache— jet setting days on the tarmack every 3 days.. heres to the marches in Washington DC for health care with Anonymous, the trips across sea for burning man festivals, appearing in international art exhibits in Bali… but most importantly 🌹my dedication to show up when i wanted to roll over. Im doing this for you 🌹#lifeofmissydi now remember as you see me now, because my whole life story is going to blow your mind. Here we go #therosethatgrewfromconcrete

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