Bring Art To The D


First before I explain anything, you have to watch this video.. and I mean the whole thing. It will BLOW your mind!

Three Reasons I Love This Video

First Reason: Can you say… Epic on the artistic ability? I am surprised on the different techniques from each of these individuals and yet it flows so well together. I want to mash some of my artistic ability with theses creatives.. They are determined, motivated and want to set a positive example.

Second Reason: The Video editing makes this video killer… Madd props to the person(s) who filmed and chopped up this raw footage.. Looks like a lot of work

Third Reason: Individuals rising up to make a difference. Taking the chance to expose art. I would love to grow something like this.

What Could I Do With This Idea?

I’m moving to Detroit in May – and will be working with the community on bringing back businesses. Let’s inspire the individuals from Detroit with art & culture. Give them something to be happy to look at.. and not to mention — give some credit to the D. Create a video, promote the artists, expose the creativity and bring the community together.

Persons Needed
+ Artists
+ Photographers
+ Videographers
====— The Community

I have ALL of those individuals in my network. My close circle of friends is itching for an opportunity like this video. I need to pitch to a realtor in Detroit to use this space. Reach out to a supplier for equipment, spray paint and misc needs to make this possible.

Melissa DiVietri Detroit ArtThis is possible.. it’s completely capable of arranging this summer.. .actually. If we can bring enough people on board to believe in this.. I’m telling ya.. It’s only a matter of time until business owners come together and support the community of Detroit. I have 100% faith is being an influencer to motivate the people of Detroit.

Thank you to my dearest friend, Tyrus, for sharing this video
Inspired my motivation to move forward on this opportunity.