Bright Lines – Abstract Art

Melissa DiVietri Art

Abstract Art

Last night, I created my best Vine video creating abstract art using really short clips of the process. This was a long process because you need to click and hold the button to record for just a split second. Hold the green button and snap where you want the frame. See the final video on the Vine below:

Adding Color

I will spend a few days on a painting before finalizing the details. I crushed through this piece within 6 hours, went to bed probably 3AM.

I love art, it’s something that I aspire to continue

“Bright Lines”
Abstract Art
18″ 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

In January, I will start my “Abstract Art” painting course at ArtWorks in Big Rapids, MI. I am instructing three classes of 20-25 students for 6 weeks. I am excited for this opportunity for the enjoyment of meeting new people and teaching something that I love to do. Heading up to ArtWorks soon! Look for two pieces in the window of mine — Tweet: @missydi

Melissa DiVietri Art