The Best Friend Anyone Could Ask For


You may be wondering who or what I am referring too.. as my single most best friend. I have many supportive and respectable friends but when it comes to a best friend — I choose CoCo, my chihuahua / miniature pinscher. She is 7 years old but maintains her youth by playing with toys on a constant basis.
CoCo was certified when she was a puppy. I needed a way to allow my apartment to let me keep her with me at all times. CoCo is now a therapy dog that releases my anxiety.Chihuahua

She has this way of knowing exactly how I am feeling.

When my anxiety gets out of control, CoCo will lay between my legs or on my side.

If my stomach is hurting or back feels out of place, she will lay directly on the area and it feels like a heating pad.

I think all dogs have a sense of danger or security. When I am in public, bigger dogs will stand beside me — as if they are my body guard that needs to protect me. I use to be very afraid of big dogs because I am a small person. But dogs sense fear… so I make sure to always have open arms to pets. I love dogs…all dogs.

CoCo is an expert at “Frisbee” – she can chase a frisbee from many yards away. She is also a big fan of beer pong. If the ping pong ball drops, she will chase it – carry it and struggle to let it go lol

CoCo has always been there for me… she never talks back, hardly barks and doesn’t make messes in the house – except when destroying her toys during play time.

I think every person who suffers from anxiety, depression or some kind of life threatening impact – should invest in a best friend like CoCo. Even when I am having the worst day, and I mean worst — like the lowest point in my life.. my pup will come running to the door ready to give me hugs & kisses. She throws me to the floor and jumps on my face. I never lose my temper with her because I know animals cannot defend themselves – they have no voice.

She knows when Im taking photos

I kind of wish that I would have invested in a small dog during high school. High school had to be the hardest time fir me to develop into the person I am today. I felt like I was always walking on egg shells// first off – it felt like I was walking on egg shells because I was getting use to walking with fore arm crutches. Snow & Rainy days were the hardest because I would always, always slip in the hallway. Although, I hopped on as fast as I could, to make it look like no big thing, everyone saw and it hurt like a bitch when I fell. And it still does.. don;t let this strength fool you. I’ve already fallen down multiple times this season and winter hasn’t even got to its worst!
ChihuahuaCoco is seriously my love bug.. she would have been right in front guiding me to which way is the best path to walk. However, this lil pup has a grip on her – she likes to pull when I take her for walks. It is like she is overly excited that I am taking her to a new place.


She is very friendly though.. a sweetie – I might add!

I really want my readers to understand how difficult it is to carry a disease every single day.. Fortunately this disease is not contagious, but hereditary which means that my future family could suffer from the same obstacles. I do not want to use the word “suffer” but honestly I don’t think I know a single person who could have lived through the amount of stress in highschool, stress in college and stress from surgeries. And if I do ever meet anyone, I would greet them with a hug because living in fear that you might die tomorrow, really leaves an impact on your every day lifestyle.

I do things in life differently because I was given this blessing / curse. It is a blessing because I realize who my true family, friends and loved ones are in life. The people who stand beside me, like miss CoCo and the people who can look at me and not see anything different – I love those people. But the curse is the medical bills, constant treatments and multiple appointments — sometimes I just want to say no.. no more. But I can’t.. because this disease is serious and if I miss something, I could be messing with my body for life.

My advice for those of you who feel lonely or just need someone to be beside you at night — go to the animal shelter and rescue a pet. You may not realize this now, but in their eyes – you ARE their entire life.. but in your eyes, they are just a piece of it.

So.. I make sure CoCo has the best life possible by spoiling her like crazy because she makes sure that I am doing OK.. each and every night. My pup is there for me, that is why she is my best friend.