10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Melissa DiVietri


Uncover The Real Me

Many of my social media fans / friends do not know the “behind-the-scenes” -me.. Melissa, the person behind the computer screen and what my life is really like.

“MissyDI” is my alter-ego, a different version of me. My social media usernames are all missydi — go check Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest & so on — but family calls me “Missy” so I like to keep a secret behind the name. Everybody in Jackson, MI = calls me MISSY.. It’s like only family really knows that.. but let’s skip ahead, back to who Melissa is.. the female boss that is grinding out social media business for large brands, going to electronic shows, traveling all over the place and working killer hours to make the most out of my day. Everyone calls me boss.. because saying “leader” doesn’t sound the same. However, I am more of a leader than a boss.. I don’t boss people around – I lift people up to make them soar, pull out their potential. You probably couldn’t guess what sucks the most energy of out my body – the most time and the most patience..it’s #1 on the list. This is something so influential that I have to take care of this every single day.. I don’t get to “shut it off” — it’s not my social media, it’s not my client’s social media and it is certainly not the sleep less nights. You have to keep reading to find out what #1 is.. that’s the big secret.

Here I am…the day didn’t feel like it wanted to end. I spent over an hour at my caseworkers office today & yesterday trying to figure out why my full coverage isn’t actually covering medical bills.. So I’m putting that stressful nonsense to the side which prompted me to write this blog post tonight. It’s time to put the perspective of my lifestyle into the eyes of the people around me. Yes, I may be a boss status.. it’s because I have to be. I have to stay organized and on top of people – or I won’t move forward.

Now – think for a minute. I decided to open up a bit to give a one on one perspective of who I am in a simple list.  I wanted to share these things with you so you can have another perspective of my life. Understand why I do certain things — why I keep certain social media platforms to a private status — and why others are public. Basically in a nutshell, I come from a big family and huge support system. I use Facebook to keep everyone up to speed on my success, health status and what part of the world I’m in… and other social media networks are kept public – where I let it all out – links, work, funny things… But my blog.. my blog is my mind.. my mind pouring my heart and soul into words for you to somewhat feel what I am feeling. If I want to put it all out there on a sleeve; let me do it. At least I can say I did it with no regrets.

My process .. I typically have some type of theme song(s) that I’m listening to during the making of these private blogs. The usual playlist is Eminem, Tupac and Beyonce “I Was Here” because I was here.. I left a footprint on your heart.

The greatest blessing that God has given me.. my best friend #CoCo chihuahua min pin

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Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about me.

Number 10

10. My favorite color is orange. It is bright, cheerful and makes me happy. I like the burnt orange color because it reminds me of fall – my favorite season. Michigan has four seasons… and Fall is absolutely b-e-a-utiful!

Number 9

9. I’m in love with PASTA! I could literally eat pasta every single day if I had the chance. ahha No but really.. My mom makes the best homemade Italian recipe. <3 Mom

Number 8

8. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 4 years, he is amazing.! He puts up with me, understands my passion in digital media and experiences fun things with me. He listens to my rants and tunes out the nonsense.. we are polar opposites and that works! I haven’t posted many photos on my social media platforms because it will put him at risk. Weird people reach out to me on a daily basis. (example) My boyfriend already gets enough random friend requests from acquaintances in my network. So weird:-/ I am glad that he isn’t on a lot of social media channels.. it just makes it easier. Because I’m constantly connected and he is a more /;live in the moment type of person.

Number 7

7. My little pup CoCo is a certified therapy dog. She is able to feel when anxiety attacks are going to come and calms me down just by being happy. My little pup follows me around the house, cuddles my back and plays frisbee like a CHAMPION.. I love that about her – happy little pup all the time, never sad. CoCo is a chihuahua min pin and the best little dog ever! She has laid with me after many surgeries, been through half a dozen zipcodes with me.. but has always stayed loyal. That’s why I love this little pup. I knew I loved her when I first laid eyes on her in a pet store in Jackson, MI. She’s a hood dog 😉 I’m jk.. She’s a sweetheart.. But no really, I could have named her 5-1-7 lol

Mom… ? Her Expressions Are Priceless #minpin #chihuahua

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Number 6

6. I have 7 siblings — yes.. big, Italian, Catholic family. Getting together is like hosting a holiday at my parents… Can you guess what number I fall in line?? Well, probably not so I will tell you. I am #7 of 8 children.. love them so much! Loud, Fun, Vibrant! My family is the biggest support system of my life.. they been through everything with me from bringing me in from school off the special bus, to driving to Ann Arbor multiple times per week to see my doctors, and overall just protecting me.. I would ask, “why does everyone keep staring at me?” My mom would say, “it’s because you’re beautiful.” My family raised me to be confident. And trust me.. I can sometimes be too confident 😉 Loves.

Number 5

5. I am an artist — and a darn good one! I have been painting since I was 5 years old! I post a lot of my artwork on Etsy and a few pieces on my blog. I love using acrylic, wax and mixed media. My crowd pleaser is painting Detroit cityscapes.. it’s what I’m “local” famous for in Detroit. I escape reality in my artwork.. you can tell that I am very passionate about it because of the time spent to make the perfect piece. My paintings are happy.. they make me happy.. they make other people happy. I am a detailed oriented person. I can look at the painting and remember every brush stroke as if I am engraving the painting in my mind forever. You can see more artwork here: www.melissadivietri.com/artDetroit Art

Number 4

4. Speaking of my mom, did you know that I was adopted by my grandparents? Yes, back when my 2 biological brothers were 3 years & 5 years old living in beautiful Traverse City. We were adopted into their family to stay together. Court battles.. custody fighting.. you can say you don’t remember things because you were young.. Since we were so young when going through adoption; my uncles / aunts have always been considered my brothers / sisters… why wouldn’t we be?  Because a piece of paper from the government says adopted? My mother now has always been my mom & my dad is still my dad.. They raised me. And they did a great job doing it. Look at me now? I’m crushing it.

Number 3

3. I wish I would reach out to my biological mother more often.. I haven’t talked to her on the phone in years. Im afraid of opening that door because of what could be behind it. Sometimes I want to know what really happened but I know things will never be the same if I try to investigate. If it were meant to be – it would have already happened? Life happens.

Number 2

2. I am an old soul.. I’m an intuitive person. I can feel, sense and see things coming before they do. I can project it…I feel like I have these guardian angels following me around all the time. These angels are making sure nothing bad happens to me or my family..protecting us.. I know they exist because I can feel it. I talk to them at times… when something really bad was supposed to happen to me and I somehow got out of it — I quietly thank them. There are so many instances where I “was lucky” — no I was saved. ((  Like the time I ran off the road during the snow storm, my car wouldn’t start, no one could see me because I was so far deep.. and graciously this man from NY pulled over.. my car all of a sudden started after running over a fallen branch and he somehow pushed me back up  to the road with force like no other while I laid on the gas… His shoes all muddy.. I hugged him. He followed me for an hour going 45 mph on the highway to a dealership to get my car fixed. The car was fixed the same day but I stayed the night because we had a sh**ty blizzard this past Nov which scared me to death )) Blessed.. Blessed by my guardian angels who are telling me “this is not how youre going to go.. you have a lot left to accomplish.” I can’t go thru any more hardship / or additional struggles right now. You might have guardian angels too — you can feel them. Someone from above, whether it was a best friend in your past life or someone from your family who passed — they watch to protect you.

Number 1

1. I have a disease – no worries, it’s not contagious. It is actually technically called a physical disability – “which I am supposed to use for educating people apparently” – but I hate saying that word because I am not disabled in anyway that I abuse the system to get social security disability and sulk around thinking everyone should feel sorry for me. I am perfectly able to run a successful social media business; hence why this profession is so perfect for me. I can sit behind my computer screen all day long and even use my phone to send out the tweets. I don’t have to be on my feet unless I want to be.  >> However, I am a Scorpio slash feisty, crazy people because >> I love to go dancing in underground nightclub (the thrill), go camping with 60,000 people at music festivals and traveling abroad to Europe.. on crutches! Woops, there is it…. Yup, you would have never known that my condition limits me to mobility aids unless I told you. Because 80% of my social media network has not met me in real life. I am very careful on who I let in my life and who I tell/show things about me. This blog post was specifically made for this reason.. to put two and two together. To learn – 10 Things About Me. Maybe, this can be inspiration for you to write 10 things about you?

But this condition is something that I can use to advantage… I can demonstrate how you can come from nothing — and turn it into something. How you can have limitations throughout your daily life and break thru them. How you can embrace life and stay positive even when you feel like you have nothing left… it’s okay, we all have our days. I have mine more than others. But you have to stay positive… keep your mind going.

Just Think — Every morning I have to rely on crutches to move around independently, every day – yo! I have to look around the ground or table for two little sticks to help me move. Do you know how frustrating that is? To relay on a mobility aid to get you around? Not to mention what my body looks like under these clothes? I think I have it pretty rough.. but I am just blessed to keep breathing. I am thankful to wake up in the morning. I cant let those thoughts run my life because I will go right back into the black hole of depression. I never want to be there again. Hitting rock bottom two years ago, saved my life. Not going there — a different blog fer sure, ok?

If you want to learn about this abnormal condition, you can read up “sacral agenesis” or ask me. I would rather discuss it openly than let you think something completely different. My arms are open… I’m giving you the chance to talk to me or hug me – whichever you prefer. I am here for you.. this isn’t all about me. It’s about me taking you to the next level, bringing out your passions and forever happiness. I’m shoveling the path  that even though you can have something horribly wrong about you — you can turn it into a positive. My motivating attitude is contagious, not my disease. I can shine even when going thru hell at the hospital, pain beyond belief, AND than having to show up to work the next day because of some dip shit policy saying you have to be in the office so many times per day. Thank goodness I quit that job last Wednesday. (pretend that Im holding a mic in my hand — MIC DROP) .. boom! Don’t test me. I know my worth and value in this world. If you can’t accept that I need to take care of my health FIRST; you clearly do not deserve my talent at your company. >>> ON to the NEXT one. Believe me, I have so many offers to work on big brands right now.. my heart is racing with excitement. Yet another blessing because I got up, got dressed and worked for it.  You just gotta brush off the negativity in your life and get back up to grind.. Remember while they are sleeping, you are working. That is what separates the go getters from the going nowhere (ers). I know.. LOL

I have been through the ringer – 14 surgeries.. back braces, leg braces, physical therapy, health insurance fighting, anxiety attacks, no prescription coverage, constant battles with the looks & stares of my everyday life.. like I’m a celebrity or something.. the list goes on and on and on.. that’s alright tho. That’s why I am here.

Why am I dying to live if I’m just living to die? Because I’m a fighter. You can’t break me. I’ve already been broken down to the smallest piece of nothing.. I know how to deal with those types of situations and those types of people.  The comebacks are my lessons learned.  I am somewhat blessed that I have this disease.. even though it drains my energy every single day to the point where I cannot get up from the bed; I still make more moves in one day than the average person does in one month. I am multi tasking projects, emails, tweets while driving around meeting with new business. I like the fast life.. it’s fun and compliments my energy.

I will constantly  thrive to get better, to walk independently, to not rely on medication, to not have to deal with insurance appeals.. to not let my disability remain a disease for life. I will get through it. I may not be able to cure what I have but I can show awareness — you will be constantly motivated. I promise.


xox MissyDI

A disease is a particular abnormal condition, a disorder of a structure or function, that affects part or all of an organism. The causal study of disease is called pathology. Disease is often construed as a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs.

Please don’t cry — keep your eyes dry. Keep your head up. – Tupac <3 After reading this, do you think I’m a rose that grew from concrete? Just like Tupac? I do… and I think I will constantly bloom.

Melissa DiVietri