What Is The Deal With Social Media Listening?

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What Is The Deal With Social Media Listening?

Featuring – Melissa DiVietri @missydi

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Tune in on Monday, Feb 29th at 8PM EST – 5PM PST for a simple understanding on how social media listening can impact your brand. By using social media listening tools, you can monitor the positive and negative comments from users. This is an opportunity to reach out to new customers, followers while monitoring what your competition is doing

Q1. What is social media listening? #SocialMediaChat
Q2. Why is it important to monitor what users are saying? #SocialMediaChat 
Q3. How do you respond to negative comments about your brand? #SocialMediaChat
Q4. Name some ways to perform social media monitoring? #SocialMediaChat
Q5. What are tools to enhance your social media listening experience? #SocialMediaChat
Q6. How will you attract new followers or customers with social media listening? #SocialMediaChat
Q7. Can you keep an eye on your competition with social media listening? #SocialMediaChat
Q8. What can social media listening do to compliment your social strategy? #SocialMediaChat

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