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Getting ready for New York at 5:30AM

Called an UBER — took about 20 minutes to arrive because I live in the burbs and it was so early. I contacted UBER in advance to ask about accessibility to bring my scooter, they responded with a blanket answer that they are a technology company & do not have to follow the ADA regulations.

I was extremely surprised on how quickly I went through security with my scooter. Last time, it took over an hour + at DTW. Security must remember me… because they took me to the very front – held my crutches and grabbed a female assist. It was an easy pat down, I just stood still while security did her thing.

I was scooted to the front of the line, before priority, and placed on the airplane in a comfortable window seat. Props to American Airlines for being so accommodating.

American Airlines

I had some spare time to play in Photoshop, haha. Used my time wisely between manipulating photos and catching up on a book about social media tips.

American Airlines

Flying to NYC
Flying to NYC

I will be staying at The James Hotel – SoHo NYC – a very interesting find- I must say!! The hotel is so artistic and lively… the staff is outgoing / friendly and on point.

The James Hotel - SoHo NYC
The James Hotel – SoHo NYC

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