There’s Nothing More Thrilling Than Re-Living The Past

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Stoked to fly into the New Year with a stop in Colombia

Oh, can we reminisce the incredible food, salsa music & vibes from the mountain. Medellin… you steal my heart, everytime <3

One afternoon in the park, where most of the international feels are found, I was influenced by an art gallery that kept me out of the rain. I stood in the doorway peaking into the gallery space while the rainstorm took over the afternoon (taxi were impossible when raining). The owner of the gallery opened his doors… and that was a moment that forever changed my life. We couldn’t understand each other without Google translator; haha Spanish / English. But it was so beautiful to enjoy coffee & chit-chat.. He provided space for me to stretch canvas and paint for hours at a time. I started my mornings in the art gallery and moved around coffee shops to run the agency while working remotely. Eventually, I hosted an art exhibit with other painters & brought all the artwork back to America in a huge shipping tube $$$ Follow my artist page @missydi_artist – Enjoy my blogs on Colombia – . . . . . . #lifeofmissydi #medellin #colombia #latinamerica #motivation #inspiration #determinaton #entrepreneur #socialmediamarketing #southamerica #elpoblado #artist #abstractart #painting

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Can;t wait to get back into the art gallery to create another exhibit.

My epic adventures in Medellin

You need to go.

Melissa divietri medellin

[VIDEO] Freedom Music Festival – Medellin, Colombia

Photo Credit For Images Below: Medellin Style – Freedom [Video] Credit .. me

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First Class Status… Por Que!?

I am missing the feels in Colombia! I stayed for a month in Medellin, Colombia but it didn’t feel like enough. There is so much to explore; especially around the mountain I somehow was blessed with First Class on the flight; not really sure how that happened because I didn’t reserve it haha But I […]

melissa divietri medellin

Medellin Has Changed Me…

Traveling has changed my entire thought process and outlook on life. When I started to professionally travel, I was growing as a person – I am not the same as I once was.. things that I thought were important; I don’t care about anymore. Things that I didn’t realize existed; are now the front layer of […]

melissa divietri medellin

How To Travel Around Medellin

First and foremost.. Medellin, Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries that I have been blessed to travel. Medellin is located in a valley that is surrounded by grassy, rolling mountains. There are at least 5 million people in this city; which makes some areas hard to navigate. Oh, Medellin Was exactly what I […]