Here To Save #detroit & The Rest Of The World!

melissa divietri detroit

Here to save#detroit& the rest of the world! Educate, dont discriminate#disabilityawarenessmonth is here! Hear me out> For 16 years, i would never embrace a mirror.. i was unfit and unhappy for my size, but i learned how to wear my heart on my sleeve. My scars define my battles; and my mindset is beyond so so so my lifetimes from facing these battles.. only you can control your body & mind!. I feel REALLY blessed to have such an outlook (intuition), ive had 14 surgeries & counting.

For every surgery was a time travel; to heal myself from the mind and power games that i struggled with. The depression & anxiety that fell behind it, while trying to grow into my shell.. and still get thru highschool. Ummhmm most of this madness was young age.

I faced the most as a child; yet that taught me so much as an adult. 歹

14 surgeries// wheechair bond since 13 years old, full body braces / walker and now forearm crutches! i had my ducks in line!

DISABILITY AWARENESS MONTH#disabilitylife#disabilitylifestyle#disabilityadvocate

melissa divietri detroit

airbnb disability rights violated

Airbnb Discrimination – Violates Accessibility Policy

This follow up is in regards to a disability discrimination policy that was broken and still has not been resolved. The host, Andres of Medellin, violated accessibility rights for the listing above. The customer service team has transferred me to multiple departments to assess the situation where the the host did not allow entry into […]

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what in the actual f*^#%

@airbnbwhat in the actual f*^#% I have been denied entry into my Airbnb unit, even with payment in advance because the host Andres is refusing to let my trained service animal into the building. Andres threw me on the street with my handicap scooter, service animal and all of my belongings! For three hours, I […]

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Grateful for life moments

Grateful for life moments to present themselves in a positive way #travel #disabled

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All of the energy that is consumed from being

All of the energy that it takes from being disabled. I am continuously drained from no resolutions 嚙

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Vivaair Is Accountable for Their Actions

Part 1: Vivaair breaks my medical device for walking 嗯儭 31 days and still no agreement is made   Part 2: VivaAir steals & breaks my handicap medical device for walking 互♀嗯恬   Part 3: Vivaair is trash no reply to withholding my walking device! 互扒互   Part 4: No response or resolution from […]