Remote Working in Costa Rica

melissa divietri costa rica

Trying to travel… trying

Is the keyword in this sentence

From with issues with customs at the Windsor – Detroit border, plus experiencing flight cancellations with SPIRIT – it has been a long 48 hours trying to get to where we wanted.

Problems at the border .. before flight

They were my fault entirely and I was pissed that it was happening. We were doing something that we shouldn’t have been – and I made the choice to go across the border. After 3 hours of being help by both borders; I am filing a form to access the information from that day so I can figure out what happened exactly. The officers didn’t provide any information on the charges or what;s next steps.

I’m numb when dealing with officers and law enforcement.
I am beyond accustomed to handling situations with the law — especially in different countries. You have to be extremely careful when you are consulting with law officers in countries; most are corrupted. I try not to be sassy but I have hard drives, drones, multiple cell phones and a ton of computers with personal / client location intelligence data. If you are going to run thru all my things, I want to watch.

It’s Time To Get Shit Done, Again

I feel like I am in a better comfort zone when I am away from distractions in USA; I can pin point my business to only focus on what is necessary. I am constantly rebranding my personal brand and agency to take on new business and start my own businesses. My list of ideas extend more than just a Google spreadsheet, planner and multiple note books… I put things into motion and make goals actionable; that’s why clients hire me.

After being very ill in Honduras & Guatemala, I took initiative to seek the medical attention that was needed to get better. I went to six specialists at the University of Michigan to have tests run on everything (blood, urine, pee, poo, internals, externals). I had bad food poisoning and not eating properly so my internal wasn’t taking any food or have an appetite which made me fatigue. After a solid week of resting.. I am back.

Let’s Take Flight!

Sunrise flying over #Detroit โœˆ๏ธ #remotetravel

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Remote Workspace in Costa Rica: A Bungalow

melissa divietri costa rica

I will be updating on the daily to feature my experiences in Costa Rica.

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