Social Media Demo – Mention


With Mention you can monitor in real-time about anything on the web and social media. React quickly, collaborate & analyze your online presence.

Mention – Social Media Listening tool

1. Select what you want to monitor (your brand, competitor or keyword)

Select what you want to monitor

2. I’ve selected my brand / competitor. Type in your brand name or business name.
Mention Social Media

3. Start typing in social media channels to pull mentions from. I am typing my personal social networks to measure my brand.

4. Decide where you want to pull from – what the sources are – blog, websites and news.

5. The mentions will populate in the feed. When you select on a post, it will appear on the right hand side. You can respond, share, like or more!
Mention Social Media

Mention is a social media listening tool that can be utilized as a component to understand what users are saying about your brand, competitor or subject topics. This is a preferred social media listening tool if you are just breaking into capturing data & users. The tools is self-explanatory – easy to use!